7 memorable things to see in Tokyo Japan

7 Memorable Things To See In Tokyo Japan!

Tokyo Japan is by far one of the most popular and beautiful places you will see when traveling through Asia. The Japanese culture has such deep traditions, and everywhere you go you can feel the energy coming from the country. The ancient and modern cultures that circle throughout the city make Tokyo extremely unique. You’ll want to get ready to feel like you’ve been transported to a different world. Here are a few places to visit while you’re in Tokyo Japan!

Tokyo Tower

7 Memorable Things To See In Tokyo Japan!

If you’re wanting to see nearly all of Tokyo from above, then you’re in luck! Located in the heart of downtown Tokyo Japan, the Tokyo Tower is an absolute must-stop on your trip. The Tokyo Tower’s structure was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but it’s actually taller than it’s structures inspiration by nine meters! It’s completely free to visit the Tokyo towers observation tower, and you’ll be able to see all of the city from 202 meters above the ground, giving you an amazing site of the city.

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Tokyo Skytree

7 Memorable Things To See In Tokyo Japan!

While the Tokyo Tower is pretty outstanding for its design, it is not the tallest tower in Tokyo Japan, that title belongs to the Tokyo Skytree. The Skytree, used for radio and telecommunications, is in fact the second tallest tower in the WORLD! It’s definitely one of the most incredible places to visit while you’re in Tokyo Japan, but don’t stop at just seeing the Skytree itself. There is an abundance of shopping, restaurants, aquariums, and strolling around the Sumida River, so when you’re planning your trip make sure to dedicate an entire day to spend around the area. 

Ueno Park

7 Memorable Things To See In Tokyo Japan!

Who knew that in the middle of downtown Tokyo Japan that there would lie one of the most incredible and beautiful parks in the world. Ueno Park is well known for the zoo that is located inside, but more importantly for the number of cherry blossom trees that bloom there every year. According to Japan Travel,Every year, Ueno Park draws crowds of more than 2 million people during the springtime sakura season, with most of them filling the main path in the park near the entrance to Ueno Zoo”.

If nearly 2 million people travel to Tokyo Japan just to marvel at the trees inside of this park, then you know it will make your trip to Tokyo Japan something you’ll remember for a lifetime. Cherry blossoms are symbolic flowers all across the world, and Japan is no exception. This flower is celebrated as a symbol of renewal, and since their life is very short people travel all over to visit the Sakura cherry blossoms.

While you’re there, you can enjoy your free time walking around the cherry blossoms, enjoying a picnic in the park, and doing a number of activities both on the water and around the zoo. Each year the cherry blossoms bloom at a different time, so make sure to research when they will be blossoming to make the most out of your trip to Tokyo Japan!

Imperial Palace 

7 Memorable Things To See In Tokyo Japan!
The Imperial Palace is one of the most ancient buildings in Tokyo Japan.

Hands down one of the most treasured places in Tokyo Japan. The Imperial Palace is where the Emperors over the history of Japan have lived and gathered to conduct his duties. The public is allowed to gather around the gardens surrounding the palace, but you are not permitted to go inside. You could spend hours walking around the palace, seeing different temples along the way. The gardens themselves are absolutely immaculate, but being able to see the ancient Imperial Palace that has homed Emperors for over a thousand years is something that will resonate with you forever.


7 Memorable Things To See In Tokyo Japan!

One of the most historically and culture centered things to do while visiting Tokyo Japan is to visit one of the many temples that are located in the city. At any temple, you will see an abundance of Japanese culture, including dances, memorials, and breathtaking gardens. As you walk around the elegant old buildings will make you feel like you have traveled back in time with pops of culture coming up with every corner. Whether you visit the giant Bronze Buddha in the Tennoji Temple or embrace the shopping stalls surrounding the Sensoji Temple, you will walk away with incredible memories. 


7 Memorable Things To See In Tokyo Japan!

A bit of modern-day culture surrounds Tokyo Japan in the district of Akihabara. If you’re a gamer, love anime, or have always dreamed of racing around town like you’re in Mario Kart, then get ready to make Akihabara your first stop in Tokyo, Japan! 

Akihabara is a quick train ride from outside the main downtown area of Tokyo Japan. Once you’re in this part of town, you’ll see an endless amount of gaming centers. Inside these several story high arcades, you’ll be able to walk up and downplaying games like Dance Dance Revolution and any Mario Game you’ve ever dreamed of. You could easily spend all day here playing every game that has come from Tokyo, Japan.

When we mentioned racing around Tokyo Japan like you’re in Mario Kart, we weren’t exaggerating! You can rent a Go-Kart from places like Voyagin and see iconic sites all from inside of your personal go-kart! Make sure to grab a costume from one of the many shops in downtown Akihabara, as dressing up is encouraged! This is truly a one of a kind experience that will make you feel as if you’ve been transported right into your own video game. 

Tokyo Disney

7 Memorable Things To See In Tokyo Japan!

This one is for all of the Disney people out there! Did you know that there is a Disney park located right within Tokyo Japan? Inside the parks are Tokyo Disneyland and Toyko Sea. Tokyo Disneyland was the first international park to open, making it extremely special and unique to all Disney lovers. 

The familiarity of the Disney parks on your vacation to Tokyo Japan will feel a little more like home. You can enjoy a number of rides like the Tower of Terror and the Haunted Mansion, but also be able to enjoy Japanese treats like mochi and green tea ice cream! Disney Sea is one of the most unique places in the Disney theme parks, as it consists of different rides, shows, and bits of culture that you won’t see at any parks. 

There are so many old and new things to do while visiting Tokyo Japan. Whether you’re wanting to enjoy the historical and breathtaking temples, smelling the sweet scent of cherry blossom season, or driving around Akihabara dressed as Princess Peach, you’ll feel the city come alive inside of you. Tokyo Japan is absolutely one of the best places to visit when traveling around Asia.


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