6 Perfect Travel Pillows For Every Type Of Traveler

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There are two kinds of people in this world.  The people who fall asleep as soon as a plane takes off and those who can use all the help they can get falling asleep.  It is particularly important to get some decent sleep during a flight because it is one of your best tools for fighting jetlag.

For those who need additional help falling asleep on the go, there is not a universal pick for the best travel pillow.  The best travel pillow depends on the type of sleeper you are, so this list will give you the best travel pillow option for your preferred sleeping style.

Best Travel Pillow for Little Sleepers

The Travel Pillow You Need For Your Next Trip

For the little sleepers, it does not get much better than an inflatable travel pillow that turns a seat into a bed.  Allowing your little ones to stretch out is your best chance of them sleeping, which means it is also the best chance of you sleeping.

Be warned that not all airlines allow these travel pillows to be used and those that do allow the travel pillow do not allow it to be used during take-off and landing.  Luckily, the manufacturer provides this reassurance on Amazon: NO RISK PURCHASE: Maxchange promises to refund this product if your airline doesn’t allow it, even if it is over Amazon’s 30 days refund/return period.

While not on the plane, the inflatable travel pillow can also be used as an adjustable hight footstool.  A pump is not included because it is easy to inflate without using one. Once deflated, it can easily be stored in a little bag that is easy to pack.

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Best Travel Pillow for Window Sleepers

The Travel Pillow You Need For Your Next Trip

Do you prefer the aisle seat or the window seat?  Those that prefer the window seat like the ability to lean again the side of the plane.  The J-Pillow Travel Pillow was made for those who like to lean. The shape of this travel pillow keeps your head from falling forward with chin support.  Filling in the gap between the shoulder and head keeps your head secure while you lean against the plane.

The travel pillow conforms and twists to adjust to many sleeping situations during travel.  The travel pillow easily snaps onto your luggage and is machine washable, making it an easy travel accessory.

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Best Travel Pillow for Bobblehead Sleepers

The Travel Pillow You Need For Your Next Trip

Are you the person who tries to go to sleep in your seat only to wake yourself up a few minutes later as your head bounces back after falling forward.  Then, you must get a GOSLEEP Travel Pillow Eye Mask Combo. Yes, you will look a little ridiculous, but it will be worth it when you arrive at your destination well-rested and ready to explore.

Why will you look ridiculous?  Because the eye mask has straps that actually wrap around your headrest to basically restrain your head from moving while you sleep.  This clever eye mask is accompanied by a pillow that makes your neck comfortable in your upright position.

It is worth noting that while this eye mask/pillow combo does keep the light out and your head from bobbling, it does not prevent the open mouth drooling that seems to be the byproduct of the bobblehead sleeper.

Best Travel Pillow for Luxury Sleepers

The Travel Pillow You Need For Your Next Trip

OSTRICHPILLOW  is the company that started the luxury travel pillow movement.  The OSTRICHPILLOW GO is made of high density foam that surrounds your entire neck, giving your head lots of support no matter how your head hangs while trying to sleep upright!

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While the entire pillow is not washable, there is a zippered sleeve that can be removed and washed.  For packing, the pillow folds into a bag half of its size. Beware, when you first receive the travel pillow, it will have been compressed for packaging.  Allow your new OSTRICHPILLOW to fully expand to its full size for 72 hours before using. Buying on Amazon Prime two days before your trip is not going to work.  To get ultimate support from your travel pillow, buying in advance is key!

Best Travel Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

The Travel Pillow You Need For Your Next Trip

For those who sleep on their stomachs, sleeping on in a seat is particularly hard.  These sleepers often try to fold in half to sleep on an airplane, putting their heads down on the airplane tray table.  Ergonomically, this is not the best idea as it puts a lot of strain on your spine. That is where the simptech Inflatable Travel Pillow comes in.  

The simptech Inflatable Travel Pillow provides a surface to rest your head forward without having to bend all the way to the tray table.  It is accompanied by a super soft slipcover that can easily be laundered. The best part is the holes for the arms on the side of the pillow which allow the sleeper to mimic how they normally put their hands under their pillow while on their stomachs.  

Best Travel Pillow For Indecisive Sleepers

The Travel Pillow You Need For Your Next Trip

Maybe none of these pillows fit the type of sleeper you are.  Maybe all of these pillows fit the type of sleeper you are. Whether your answer is “none of the above” or “all of the above”, it is okay because we still have a travel pillow for you.  The Huzi Infinity Pillow has something for everybody. The possibilities are endless, thus the name. You can use it as a window pillow, airplane tray table pillow, to support your neck upright, to wrap around your head to muffle sound, and more.  Plus, it is made out of super soft bamboo and polyester blend that is totally machine washable.  

The Huzi is the choice for you if you do not have a specific sleeping style and want a travel pillow that is snuggly and inviting.

No matter what type of sleeper you are, there is a travel pillow designed for your needs. One thing is certain, your chances of sleeping during a long flight are much greater if you invest a little in a quality travel pillow that matches your sleep style.


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The Travel Pillow You Need For Your Next Trip
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