Plan A Memorable Summer Vacation in the USA

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A summer vacation in the USA is meant for family time, exploration, and much-needed R&R. Vacations can be a learning experience, a chance to reconnect as a family, a break from work, and a time to create lifelong memories. A summer vacation in the USA can be filled with traveling to iconic places, adventurous exploring, or just finding a spot to sit on a beach listening to the waves crash and the delights of children playing!

Planning an Iconic Summer Vacation in the USA

Every avenue travel vacation in the USA

There are so many places across the country that are perfect for a summer vacation in the USA. Spots that you know of and have heard of, but maybe haven’t had a chance to visit yet. This is especially true for the landmarks that are scattered across the country – from the National Mall to Mount Rushmore, and the Statue of Liberty to The Golden Gate Bridge. Even the less-than-famous landmarks, from Bubble Gum Alley to Dinasour Kingdon in Virginia, are fun stops along the way.  

In addition to landmarks, the places everyone should visit there are the fun family-centered amusement parks, water parks, zoos, etc. These are also great timeless spots for a vacation in the USA, and are especially perfect for families. Disneyland, Disneyworld as well as Disney Alani are places that are not just family-focused, but a way to be able to feel like a kid again.  It is great to not only be able to watch the delight in your children, but to be able to experience the magic through their eyes for the first time.  

A summer vacation in the USA could be a history lesson in politics and traveling to Washington D.C. to visit the White House and national monuments. In addition to a ton of history, there are learning opportunities everywhere you turn in Washington D.C. There are so many locations across our great nation that allow for a history lesson for all ages, young and old. A summer vacation in the USA can be the iconic places that will be next-tier, such as Grand Canyon, Hilton Head, or Zion National Park. These gorgeous destinations will always hold the test of time for a great summer vacation in the USA!

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Camping Options for a Summer Vacation in the USA

Every avenue travel vacation in the USA

There are excellent campsites all across the United States for planning an epic summer camping vacation in the USA! Some might be right in your backyard, and you don’t even know it! A lot of beaches, and national and state parks offer camping options, as well as RV parks. You may not know it, but often RV parks offer the opportunity for tent camping as well, so even if you don’t have an RV, you can get a camping spot and utilize their grounds. 

When looking into camping options for your summer vacation in the USA, make sure you know when you need to book.  Most national and state parks open reservations 6-12 months in advance and often book up right away. You must plan accordingly and have backup options in case you are unable to get your first choice. Once you book your location, make sure you read up on all of the location park rules and regulations, so you are not taken by surprise during your vacation.   

If you are up for tent camping, it can be the experience of a lifetime, a great option for a summer vacation in the USA. As long as you are okay with being a little more dirty than usual, as well as letting go of your daily routines and comforts of a hotel or home away from home, camping makes for a great adventure. 

For those that prefer a little bit more luxury, glamping is the next best option. A bit of camping with the modern conveniences of closer bathrooms, not sleeping on the floor, and even heating options, glamping can combine the best of both worlds. A glamping vacation in the USA is great for families with younger children who may not be ready to fully rough it yet.  

For state park camping, you can check out your state website. For national parks, National Park Service is the way to go. Always remember that when camping, leaves your campsite cleaner than when you found it.  Parks are for everyone to enjoy and we want to keep them clean, and safe and protect the natural species there from plants to animals.  

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R&R Options for Your Summer Vacation in the USA

Every avenue travel vacation in the USA

For most people, vacations are meant for rest and relaxation, a time away from the daily grinds of work and life. This is not only ideal but necessary, to really unwind and take advantage of the vacation location – a place that is nothing like where they live, where they are truly able to unwind and take advantage of the sweet art of doing nothing. For some, this may be somewhere beachy, a place to listen to the waves crash, enjoy the warm sun and be able to frolic outside all day long during the long days of summer.

From the West Coast beaches, in California all the way to Washington, there are a ton of options to choose from for your R&R summer vacation in the USA. Beaches along the Oregon Coast are great options, such as Cannon, Gold Beach, and so many more! Hawaii is always a beautiful option as well and one that works year around, along with Florida, in addition to other locations along the gulf and the Carolinas.

If you are shooting for a summer vacation in the USA, New England has iconic spots that everyone knows of, from the Jersey Shore to the Hamptons. If you are willing to travel a bit more, Nantucket or Martha’s VIneyayard offer wonderful R&R locations that are quaint and charming. 

Or, perhaps you prefer a quiet mountain escape, where you are able to really unplug and be one with nature. These are destinations where you can take full advantage of the outdoors and enjoy some much-needed downtime, while also being able to explore. From renting a lakeside cabin to enjoying the hiking trails, these locations offer a chance to combine the best of both worlds! 

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A summer vacation in the USA can be a time for family togetherness, reconnecting, and making lifetime memories. Whether the location is at an iconic spot you have always wanted to visit, a theme park, or camping at a national park only matters so much. The time together is what’s most important. These moments will last forever in everyone, plus a few pictures to help remember your time doesn’t hurt either!   


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