7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor

7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor

Sometimes you just need help. And sometimes help is just nice to have. Either way, if you are looking to travel, the service of a travel advisor can be invaluable. So, let’s start with the obvious question …

What Is A Travel Advisor?

The simple way of looking at it is that a travel advisor is the new word for a travel agent. However, there is more to it. When people say travel agent, they tend to think of the person sitting in a brick and mortar store with a headset sitting in from of a computer all day booking airfare and hotels.

With the birth of the internet and online travel agents like Expedia and Booking.com, many assumed that travel agents became extinct. Instead, they evolved.

Travel advisors are the evolved travel agent. They do more than book your airfare and hotels. They create a well thought out trip tailored to you. They have traveled the world and are bestowing their knowledge to others through the customized travel created for their clients. The experience is now more intimate. Instead of sitting across from them in a store, you meet in a more intimate environment like a coffee shop to discuss your trip. You develop a relationship with a travel advisor who learns your travel style and creates a unique travel experience for you.

7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor

Travel advisors are a service and often charge a fee for their service. As such, they are not for everybody. If you are a price shopper or enjoy planning travel and have the time, it would not make sense to use the service of a travel advisor. However, there are many valid reasons to use one which are discussed below.

Reasons To Use A Travel Advisor

You view Travel Planning as a chore 

7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor

Some people simply do not like planning in general, especially for something like travel that is generally several months away. You know who likes planning travel, people who have made it their business because they enjoy travel. Some travel advisors will even tell you that half the fun is the planning process. A sense of excitement just knowing somebody will be experiencing the magical itinerary they are creating satisfies their overwhelming wanderlust.

Finding the time to plan a trip seems impossible

7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor

Researching an itinerary and determining the logistics takes a lot of time – hours and hours of time. Sure, you could just book the first option you come across, but you really should not. You should research multiple options to make sure you are making the right choice which takes even more time. 

Do you know who has the time to plan your trip? The person whose sole job is to plan travel every day. A travel advisor not only has the time, but can do the job more efficiently since that is what he or she does for a living.

The choices are overwhelming

7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor

There is so much information on the internet, how do you know what is accurate and what is not? 

Not only does a travel advisor have the experience of having traveled extensively, but he or she has direct access to travel suppliers.  What are travel suppliers? Basically, the cruise lines, hotel chains or wholesalers, the tour companies, and more. A travel advisor works directly with representatives from these companies, so you are guaranteed more expert knowledge than whatever your internet search may yield. A travel advisor can play matchmaker to ensure the travel company used to create your itinerary is best suited to you.

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You want to get the best value for your vacation dollars and hours

7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor

That does not mean that a travel advisor will find the cheapest vacation.  If you are looking for cheap, you are best to book on your own. If you are looking for value, that is a whole different ball game. Value means that the experience yielded for the price paid is worth every penny and every hour of valuable vacation hours used to take the vacation. Travel is an investment in time and money, and a travel advisor can ensure that your investment yields the highest return.

You want VIP treatment

7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor

A travel advisor has relationships with travel suppliers that often yield extra amenities, upgrades and other special VIP touches that you can not get on your own.  You may be able to save a few dollars by going with a DIY vacation package, but the value of these special amenities often exceed those savings.  

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You want help booking the extras

7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor

After you click Book Now on an internet booking engine, its job is done.  When you book your trip with a travel advisor, the job is just getting started. A travel advisor can help arrange restaurant and spa reservations, shore excursions, golf tee times, you name it!  That is all part of the service.

You want one person to call if something goes wrong

7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor

Maybe you do not mind selecting a vacation from an internet provider, but do you really want to spend your vacation dealing with the unexpected?  Do you think these internet meta-search engines are going to be there for you if you need help during your vacation?  A travel advisor is ready to help you sort out any issues that arise during your trip, it is part of their job.

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As you can see, the evolved travel agent now known as a travel advisor is alive and well in today’s economy. Travel advisors are a service and these are some really compelling reasons to use one for your next trip!


If you would rather be a travel advisor than use one, read How To Become A Travel Agent.


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7 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Advisor