9 Of The Most Delicious And Unique Restaurants Around The world


Dining at unique restaurants is exciting for any foodie or just someone who enjoys an adventurous meal! From meals at the base of a waterfall to being suspended in the sky while you enjoy your dinner, eating at any of these restaurants is a memorable event. So fulfill your appetite for delicious food and adventure when you dine at the unique restaurants in this guide.

Bird’s Nest Restaurant, Thailand


The Bird’s Nest Restaurant is located in Soneva Kiri Eco Resort, Thailand. Bird’s Nest Restaurant is one of the most remarkable and unique restaurants worldwide. Guests are hoisted 16 feet into the branches by a “treepod,” a sophisticated table and booth structure overlooking the lush Koh Kood rainforest. Guest can indulge on “Willy Willy Creek Pork Belly,” Renkon Chips, and other delectables, while enjoying the magnificent view that’s offered by one of the most unique restaurants in Thailand.

Insider Tip: Make sure to tip your zip-lining waiters generously. They actually come down to your table using a cable and harness to deliver your meal.

360-Degree Piz Gloria Restaurant, Schilthorn, Switzerland


One of the most well-known and unique restaurants in the world is the Piz Gloria, where you dine while taking in beautiful 360-degree views of the Bernese Alps! The restaurant turns around as you feast and is located on the top of a mountain for the ultimate dining experience. “Spaghetti James Bond“ and “Indian Vegetarian Dish” are among the specialties that will engage your palate from their unforgettable menu. The menu has many James Bond-themed items, as this was a shooting location for the 1969 hit 007 movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. You can ride to the top of the Alps to dine at this restaurant by using an aerial cable car which is an experience on its own!

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Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives


The picturesque Ithaa Restaurant opened in 2005 and quickly gained popularity because of its location, design, fantastic food, and amazing service. This restaurant is built 16 ft. below sea level. It can be accessed using a spiral staircase set and has a 270-degree view of exotic fishes living in the Maldives’ waters. Ithaa Restaurant is known to serve delicious fresh seafood, veal, and other delightful dishes. 

Ithaa, which means ‘mother of pearl,’ is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that should be definitely on everyone’s bucket list. The all-glass restaurant has a capacity of 14 guests and is part of the Conrad Maldives Rangali resort. This restaurant provides an unforgettable view of countless fish species and colorful reefs.

Interesting Fact: Make a reservation while you still can! Zinc paint prevents Ithaa’s steel structure from corroding because the saltwater and marine life will break it down.

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Lapland Hotel’s SnowVillage Restaurants—Kittilä, Finland


Be sure to put on a jacket from Mackage before visiting these unique restaurants in Finland – two of them are entirely made of snow and ice! The Lapland Hotel’s SnowVillage includes three unique restaurants, The Log Restaurant, The Snow Restaurant, and The Ice Bar. The Log and Ice Bar are open all year and are slightly warmer than the Snow Restaurant. All three restaurants serve numerous gourmet dishes such as lamb, salmon, reindeer filet. Don’t forget to try their Nordic-themed cocktails and hot chocolate. The Ice Bar keeps its guests warm by offering blankets by its candlelit bar. This set of unique restaurants will make your vacation more memorable. 

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines


The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is located in San Pablo City, Philippines, part of the Villa Escudero Resort. Its authentic food is delightful and is served on tables made up of bamboo. When people eat here, they dip their feet in the water and admire the view of the magnificent waterfall.  

Insider Tip: The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant entertains its guests with traditional music.

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar


The beautiful Rock Restaurant is located in Zanzibar, an island situated in the Indian Ocean. This is the perfect locality if you enjoy warm weather, beautiful resorts, turquoise water, and white sandy beaches. The enormous rock called The Rock Restaurant is popular with locals and tourists.

The rock is located in the water on the Michanwi Pingwe Beach. This impressive restaurant can be reached by canoeing, walking, and swimming. People visit this restaurant because of its appearance, and the food is delightful.

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Giraffe Manor, Langata, Kenya


Go back in time to Kenya of the 1930s! An exclusive hotel located just outside of Nairobi, the “Giraffe Manor” is a deluxe hotel. This hotel is actually built in a colonial-era mansion and is made to look like a hunting lodge, spanning over 12 acres of land, which are located just adjacent to a 140-acre forest. This hotel has 12 rooms and has a total occupancy of 29 guests. They have activities available, including tours of nearby villages as well as hot air balloon rides.  

Giraffe Manor also offers up one of the most unique restaurants globally, as you can dine at this hotel while giraffes are poking their neck through a nearby window! The grounds are home to a herd of giraffes who enjoy visiting the hotel every morning and evening. You can feel free to give them treats when they poke their heads through the open windows.

Interesting Fact: Sustainability and conservation are two important themes for the owners of “Giraffe Manor.”  The site draws many tourists, which helps to fund care and supplies for the area’s endangered giraffes.

Vista Restaurant, Cambodia


The popular Vista Restaurant is located in Koh Rong archipelago in Kampong Som, Cambodia. This beautiful restaurant is part of the luxurious Song Saa Private Island hotel. Guests can access this incredible restaurant by walking on a bridge over the ocean. The famous chefs prepare delicious fresh food by cooking Western cuisine and adding some local flavors. 

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Dinner in the Sky—Montreal, Canada


Got an appetite for high altitude and unique restaurants? Have you ever been raised into the air by a crane? Well, this amazing experience involves securing guests into their chairs and hoisting them into the sky about 160 feet off the ground! The table and wait staff are also in the air while you dine, creating one of the most unique restaurants you will ever encounter.

Your entire meal is served while you are floating in the sky.  Dinner in the Sky originated in Belgium but now has a global presence and is offered as a limited run experience in various cities worldwide, such as Montreal. You get to enjoy your meal while also getting some of the most incredible views of the city!

Whether you are floating in the sky or dining while surrounded by giraffes, any of these unique restaurants offer an amazing culinary experience. Eating out will never be the same after you visit these spectacular dining establishments. Each of these unique restaurants will leave you with amazing memories and an incredible story to share!



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