10 Of The Best Rides At Amusement Parks In Florida

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Florida is world-renowned as a bustling tourism magnet with its beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and industry-leading amusement parks. It’s no coincidence that some of the biggest names in rides and attractions, such as Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld, call Florida their home. With competition constantly increasing in the theme park industry, each new ride has to be better than the last. To maximize your thrills, check out these ten best rides at amusement parks!

Lego Movie Masters of Flight, Legoland

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

The Lego ride is part ride and part movie experience, based on the popular Lego movie franchise and its characters. Given the popularity of these movies, many children and adults will love this ride. The Lego Movie Masters ride uses a screen with a dome display to present the action. This allows passengers to feel completely engaged during the ride. 

The scenes and locations are taken from the first and second Lego movies. Fans of the film will quickly recognize the characters and settings. Fans will also recognize the voices used, as many actors recorded lines for the ride. Riders will be seated on a triple-decker sofa, a replica used in the movie. Little touches like this make rides at amusement parks a completely engaging and entertaining experience. 

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

ShieKra Coaster, Busch Gardens

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

SheiKra was launched in 2005 and is the first vertical drop dive coaster. SheiKra is a thrill ride that everyone will love. This type of steel dive coaster is not commonly found when it comes to rides at amusement parks. This is the only ride in the US that has a petrifying 90-degree drop! It includes two vertical dips into an underground tunnel and an insane double loop. This is one of the most exhilarating rides at amusement parks.

ShieKra Fun Facts

  • Seats 8 people across 
  • The maximum height reached: 200 ft
  • Highest drop: 195 ft
  • Second vertical drop: 138 ft
  • Loops: 1
  • Ride time: 3 minutes
  • Height requirement: 54 inches tall
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Gator Gauntlet Single and Accessible Zip Line by Gatorland

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

Gatorland, the “Alligator Capital of the World,” launched its latest zip line ride, the Gator Gauntlet, an attraction available to guests with mobility challenges or other disabilities. The ride is wheelchair accessible and allows guests to go 350 feet down a zip line that flies over the park and its pool of huge alligators. This is one of the most thrilling rides at amusement parks in Florida. 

Interesting Fact: Gatorland worked closely with the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association, which provided consultation on the design and construction of the Gator Gauntlet. 

Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney World

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

Pirates of the Caribbean is a breathtaking voyage that checks off all the boxes as one of the best Disney rides at amusement parks.  It’s enjoyable, memorable, and suitable for the entire family. Whatever you do, don’t skip this iconic ride. 

Climb aboard and sail away to a period of time when pirates ruled the seas. This ride takes you on a voyage beyond the spooky Dead Man’s Cove and roaring cannons between a Caribbean fortress and a 12-gun ship. 

Pirates sing, “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate’s Life for Me,” as you travel past animatronics of drunken pirates. Try to find Captain Jack Sparrow, made famous by Johnny Depp and the movie series. Rides at amusement parks have never been the same since the Pirates of the Caribbean opened. 

Kraken Roller Coaster, SeaWorld

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

Located at SeaWorld in Orlando, the Kraken is a steel floorless roller coaster. This heart-pounding ride is manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard. The Kraken features seven different inversions, including two vertical loops, a dive loop, and a cobra roll. Kraken opened on June 1, 2000, as the second-longest floorless coaster in the world. The Kraken has set the bar high as one of Florida’s most unforgettable rides at amusement parks.

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Revenge of the Mummy, Universal Studios

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

Revenge of the Mummy is #1 in the best Universal Resort rides at amusement parks list, and the best ride at Universal Studios Florida theme park. This “psychological” thrill ride combines impressive special effects and animatronics to give riders a phenomenal roller coaster experience. If you like scary rides, this one is for you! Linear induction motors (LIMs) launch the mine car from 0 to 45 mph in seconds. In addition, the surround sound and effects bring this ride to the next dimension of entertainment and scariness. That’s what makes this ride one of the best rides at amusement parks.

Interesting Facts: The Mummy ride uses actual treasures and warrior mummy props from The Mummy film series.

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

Coca-Cola Orlando Eye

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

Located in the center of Florida, the 400-ft Coca-Cola Orlando Eye can hold well over 400 people. Each trip takes 20 minutes and gives a bird’s eye view of Orlando’s International Drive. The giant Ferris wheel is considered one of the best rides at amusement parks in Orlando.

Interesting Fact: One of the most well-known changes with the capsules is that guests may be picked randomly to ride a VIP capsule with selfie sticks, a Coca-Cola-themed interior, and delicious ice-cold Coke beverages for their ride in this giant Ferris wheel.

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks
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SkyCoaster, FunSpot America

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Get ready to strap into a special suit attached to a cable and plan to be lifted up 300 feet on the SkyCoaster. The SkyCoaster sends you soaring 120 feet straight down and up at a whopping 85 miles per hour. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the park and Orlando from the top of the SkyCoaster.

You can ride the SkyCoaster with a maximum of two friends or family, with up to three people per ride. The SkyCoaster is one of the best rides at amusement parks that children and adults will enjoy. This enormous swing at Fun Spot America is the closest thing to jumping out of a plane!

The Slingshot at Magical Midway Thrill Park

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

The world’s largest Slingshot ride makes you feel weightless. Riders soar in the air up to 99 miles per hour while being launched straight up 390 feet above Central Florida, making the wind and the view take your breath away. This is one of the most heart-pounding rides at amusement parks in Florida.

Insider Tip: Strong steel cables hold a two-seater carriage on the slingshot. To ride the slingshot, the weight of the two people needs to be at least 110 lbs.  

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks
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Haunted Mansion, Disney World

every-avenue-travel-Rides At Amusement Parks

Haunted Mansion is Magic Kingdom’s scariest attraction. This ride is located in Liberty Square; visitors will climb aboard and travel on a spooky adventure through haunted chambers. A ghostly voice is your guide during the duration of the tour in this haunted mansion. You will see a graveyard of singing ghosts, coffins full of ghouls, and Madame Leota’s séance room of horrors. Haunted Mansion has lots of spooky surprises at every turn! Disney World offers some of the best rides at amusement parks in the world!

Insider Tip: The names on the tombstones are real. They were named after the Disney Imagineers that passed away during the making of the Haunted Mansion. 

Maximize your vacation enjoyment by visiting any of these rides at amusement parks. Get ready to be thrilled in Florida when you ride on any of these attractions. It is no wonder why Florida is named the theme park capital of the world!


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