Family Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Family Travel Blogs You Should Follow

If you are a mom and want to travel, we have found the best that the family travel blog realm has to offer. Looking for inspiration, family-friendly travel ideas, and essential tips for planning your trip? You will find all of that (and then some) featured within Every Avenue Travel as well as Daily Mom Travel. In addition to those two amazing family travel blogs featuring all things mom and travel, the following top 20 family travel blogs are definitely ones you should be following:

Our Little Voyages

Family Travel Blogs You Should Follow

This family travel blog allows you to follow an adorable mother-daughter duo as they fearlessly explore the world together. They share breathtaking photographs while providing travel tips and essential products for traveling with kids. Within this blog, you will find a rich variety of destinations, resort information, cruise adventures, and travel tips. Make sure you click on the “activities” tab. There, you will be able to read about all types of adventures from day trips to Christmas abroad (and everything in between).

Dotting The Map

Popular posts within this blog are highlighted for easy navigating. This blog provides suggested activities based upon your specific destination. In addition, you will find recipes, how to guides (such as how to entertain a toddler on an airplane), and links to their vlog.

Bucket List Publications

The destination list on this family travel blog is quite extensive! They feature bucket lists for all types of families from the extremely adventurous list to the more mellow toddler-approved resort list. This site offers the expected travel guide and more- including a health and wellness section as well as reviews.

Travel Mamas

In addition to outlined destinations, educational information about some of the  featured destinations is provided. The entire family can learn something new from this blog. The posts are clearly separated geographically by continent / country / state. You will also find packing lists and helpful information on how to rent baby travel gear.

Stuffed Suitcase

This blog features a free carry on packing list, a book recommendation for all things travel (written by the blogger, herself), and tips for packing. She shows you exactly where to go and how to get there with ease. This blogger also provides cruise guides. Need tips on saving for your trip? You will find them here!

The Bucket List Family

With over 1.7 million followers, this family has been all over the world and they are still going! You can find offers, deals, and unique experiences such as staying in a hotel surrounded by giraffes within this family travel blog. They even provide suggestions for community service and making an impact on the lives of others while you are on various trips.

Tots to Travel

This blogger has over 365,000 followers and tells you how get your children involved in the planning process. Check out the prize bundle giveaways and mishaps to avoid!

Mommy Travels

Meagan is a single mom of three. She blogs about a wide variety of trips from close to home and budget-friendly to luxurious world travel. Meagan shares food and drink guides, a kid travel journal printable for just $1, and even hosts a single mom travel group. This mom provides something for everyone!

Crazy Family Adventure

Meet a family of six, and their dog, that sold their home and bought an RV to travel across North America full time. Be sure to check out the cool map of the United States showing exactly where they have traveled!

Need more tips on road trips? Read about toddler-friendly road trips.

Travel Mad Mum

This mom shares stunning family photos from destinations all around the world. In addition to the family travel blog, she has a parenting blog and an eco-friendly living guide. You will find insider tips on strollers, airport secrets, sunscreen, and bicycle seats for kids. She pretty much covers it all!

Travel Babbo

With over 63,000 followers and a tagline of “take your kids everywhere”, this blogging dad will tell you how to do exactly that. He breaks down his information by continent and shows top destinations, suggested restaurants, ideas for shorter trips, and photos that will inspire you to pick up your family and travel! Sign up for his newsletter to see where he is headed next.

Learn how to start your own family travel blog:

It’s a Lovely Life

This professional family travel blogger has over 278,000 followers. Information on worldwide destinations, cruises, resorts, and even tips on how to start your own travel blog can be found here. They share a bit of their personal lives with their followers.

Wanderlust Story Tellers

These full time family travel journalists share their destination guide, best travel gear, budget-friendly trip ideas, and videos. They offer many of “the best” suggested products within their blog.

Flying With a Baby

This mom is a former flight attendant providing followers with airline reviews, tips for every stage of the process (before you book, before you fly, in-flight, arrival), additional travel tips, and giveaways. If you will be flying with a baby, you should definitely follow her blog!

Traveling Mom

Looking for all things Disney? This is the family travel blog you should be following. Here you will find everything you need to know about Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Worldwide, and Disney Cruise. A fun addition to all things Disney is their free fun in all 50 states guide.

Need more tips on sailing with kids? We have you covered!

La Jolla Mom

Family Travel Blogs You Should Follow

If luxurious travel is your style, be sure to follow this blogger. She offers insight on luxury travel through tips and advice. You will obtain information on hotels, road trips, and airport lounges. Take a look at the activity suggestions to entertain the kids throughout the trip and discount tips from airfare to zoo admission.

Want to read more about luxury travel? You can find that here.

Just Go Places

“Don’t just tell your children about the world. Show them.” This family travel blog covers destinations all around the world. They tell you where to go and why while providing tips to travel in both style and comfort.

Family Vacation Critic

Within this blog you can find travel tips that are clearly designed based upon the specific age of your children. This blog features destinations, resorts, all-inclusive packages, the ultimate packing list, and airline deals (such as kids fly free).

Find tips for traveling with a lap baby here.

Mini Time

Family Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Here you will find featured blogs on travel, printables such as packing lists and guides, free offers, and insider guides. This site will help you “find the perfect trip for your family.”

Single Mom Travel Style

Family Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Are you looking for a guide to planning and enjoying a trip that is shorter in length? This family travel blogger highlights some 48 hour trips in addition to her worldwide travel guides.

Bon voyage!

Are you ready to plan an enjoyable trip that your family will remember forever? If you have any hesitation or reserve about traveling, the above family travel bloggers will definitely ease your mind and get you well on your way. You will find everything you need to know from planning and packing to destinations and family-friendly activities along the way. If you follow these bloggers, you will learn a plethora of information all pertaining to traveling comfortably with your family. Bon voyage!

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Family Travel Blogs You Should Follow