10 Of The Most Expensive And Exotic Food In The World

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Foodies rejoice! This guide is the ultimate list of the most exotic food and expensive dishes from around the world. Think you have tried everything? Think again! From lethal fish to 24K gold-encrusted pizza, you will not be disappointed by these unique and exotic food choices. But be prepared for a whopping bill, as some of these rare delights will cost you up to $25,000!

Most Exotic Food Dishes

Foie Gras

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If you like pâté, then this exotic food is worth splurging on. Foie Gras is made from goose or duck liver, which has been fattened. Foie gras is considered an exceptional gastronomic specialty, so it’s prepared and cooked with great care. The term “foie gras” is used to describe a ready-to-serve product that is made from at least 20% goose. In addition, if the product contains livers or other parts of animals, the product must be labeled “pâté,” “terrine,” or “galantine.”

Exotic Food Fact: The story behind Foie Gras is the ancient Egyptians used to force-feed the birds to fatten them up. Today, some laws prohibit this practice. Nevertheless, Foie Gras can still be found in certain countries around the world, with an estimated price per pound of $90 – $110.


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Fugu is known as the most dangerous food on the planet. Its name is derived from the fish from which it’s made, “Fugu” or “Globefish.” If it’s not carefully prepared, it can be fatal to whoever consumes it. The preparation of Fugu is strictly controlled and monitored by Japanese law. Only qualified chefs who have gone through three or more years of intense training can prepare it. So, if you’re daring and want to live life on the edge, then go ahead and try one of the most exotic dishes in the world!  

Exotic Food Fact: The intestines, ovaries, and liver of Fugu contain a poison called tetrodotoxin, which is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide. This toxin is so powerful that a single fish can kill 30 people, and a lethal dose is even smaller than the head of a pin.

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Wagyu Beef

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Wagyu Beef is known as the ultimate piece of succulent meat. This beef is founded in Japan and is cut from four different breeds of cow. People who have tried a piece of Wagyu say it easily melts in your mouth and have compared it to eating fish.  Wagyu beef is so expensive due to the strict process that the cattle have to endure and the particular type of food they have to consume. 

Exotic Food Fact: On average, wagyu beef can run more than $200 per pound – that’s $12.50 per ounce

Moose Cheese

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Moose cheese is derived from the milk of a moose. Now for the reason it’s one of the most expensive and exotic cheese in the world: It’s only produced at the “Moose House” farm in the Elk House, located in the Bjurholm region, Sweden. You literally can’t get this exotic cheese anywhere else in the world. Moose milk cheese can cost up to $500 per pound, making it one of the most expensive cheeses in the world. There are approximately three varieties of Moose cheese: a rind-style, a feta-style, and a blue cheese.  

Exotic Food Fact: The “Moose House” farm offers tours and has a restaurant with plenty of delicious options, including a raspberry and cream parfait made with moose feta cheese.

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Matsutake Mushrooms

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The rare Matsutake Mushroom grows in Asia, Europe, and North America. It’s a prized ingredient used in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cuisine.  These mushrooms are scarce, and there’s a good chance they might disappear altogether due to invasive insects. If you want to try one of these mushrooms before they disappear, be prepared to pay some big bucks! This exotic food can cost close to $600 per kilogram!

Most Expensive Food Dishes In The World

Grand Velas Taco

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The Grand Velas Taco costs $25,000. It’s hard to imagine what could be special about a meal that costs as much as $25,000 – a taco, no less. This is no ordinary taco, and it’s certainly not something you would find on the menu of your local Taco Bell. It is exclusively sold in Mexico at Grand Velas Los Cabos, and it is a taco made up of the most expensive ingredients in the world. 

It contains chopped Kobe beef, the finest langoustine you can imagine, Beluga caviar, and black truffle cheese. On top of all these premium sets of ingredients are gold leaves and edible flower petals sprinkled on top to give this a perfect Instagram look and a delicious and expensive taste.

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Golden Opulence Sundae

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If you have a sweet tooth and are curious about what a four-figure dessert tastes like, then the golden opulence sundae is the treat for you. This decadent dessert is made of up Tahitian vanilla ice cream, Madagascar vanilla bean, which is draped in a 24k gold leaf, luxurious specialty chocolates, Parisian candied fruits, truffles, and caviar. This sundae is not served in a simple glass but rather a Baccarat crystal bowl that you can take home as a souvenir. This exotic dessert should be pre-ordered at least 48 hours in advance.

White Truffle and Gold Pizza

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With 24-carat gold sprinkled on the top of the crust, this pizza has earned enormous fame to be on the list of the most expensive dishes in the world. This pizza exclusively available at Margo’s in Malta isn’t your average pizza. The 24-carat gold is edible, and with it, the crust is decorated with buffalo mozzarella cheese. Now, who doesn’t love cheese? The thin crust is crispy, and the buffalo cheese acts as the perfect companion. However, the pizza is mostly famous for its extra decoration with gold.

You can just imagine the amazing toppings of the pizza with a sprinkle of edible gold leaf! Every bite of this pizza would assure you how much food is important in your life.

High Roller Sushi Roll

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Sushi is generally made with a fusion of flavors. But the High Roller sushi roll at Sushi Roku in Las Vegas is made with a lot more flavors than usual. It contains many expensive ingredients like lobster tail, gold leaf, asparagus, tuna, golden Osetra caviar, wagyu beef, and truffle oil. All the exotic food combined will create delicious mouth-watering flavors. This is great for foodies who don’t mind dropping a ridiculous amount of money for a mouth-watering meal.

Expensive Food Fact: A single plate of the High Roller sushi roll can cost you $250.

777 Burger, Le Burger Brasserie

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All those burgers you have eaten in your life will taste vague and simple after one small bite of this 777 burger from Le Burger Brasserie. It’s considered to be one of the most expensive and exotic food dishes in the world. Once you have eaten this magnificent burger, you will be in the unique territory of people who have eaten such a high roller’s burger!

Expensive Food Fact: The cost of this delicious burger is a whopping $777.

If you have daring tastebuds and a loaded wallet, then you will be able to enjoy some of these unique foods and dishes! You can brag about eating a $777 burger or an expensive dessert that needs to be ordered at least 48 hours in advance. You only live once, so why not try out some exotic food from around the world? You may just find something you enjoy!


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