11 Tips on What to See in Maastricht

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If you are considering a trip to Maastricht, Netherlands then you will not be disappointed in all that there is to see and do during your vacation. Maastricht, Netherlands is located in the southeast Netherlands, close to the border of Belgium. It is located near two rivers: the Meuse and the Jeker. The climate there is quite comfortable in the summer months but it can get cooler in the winter. Maastricht has over 1,600 historical landmark buildings – even its visitor’s center is located in a medieval castle. It is a gorgeous city that deserves exploring for an avid traveler and is a wonderful place to take in Dutch history, beautiful architectural designs, and natural reserves.

11 Tips on What to See in Maastricht, Netherlands

Broth Bar

The Broth Bar is known for their delicious, healthy, slow cooked bone bouillons and organic slow-food dishes. They have a healthy yet hip, good-for-you and good-for-your-soul menu. Their amazing selection of vegetarian, vegan, 100% Paleo, WAPF, and gluten-free options plus their quaint spot in the city makes it the perfect spot for lunch after a day of exploring the streets of Maastricht.

X Tips On What To See In Maastricht
X Tips On What To See In Maastricht

Andre Rieu Concert

André Rieu is a famous concert conductor who was born in Maastricht. Every summer he brings his Johann Strauss Orchestra to the middle of Maastricht at the Vrijthof Square to his home city to play thirteen sold out concerts. It’s a vibrant and exciting show with a constant dose of humor and elegance.

X Tips On What To See In Maastricht
X Tips On What To See In Maastricht
X Tips On What To See In Maastricht

Old City Walls Surround the City

Surrounding the city and intertwined within the streets are old broken walls. They used to surround the city in ancient times for protection as well as offer refuge for street vendors, brothels, and sex workers. Many parts of the wall are still intact and integrated throughout the city, such as remnants of towers and archways.

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The Main City Square- Vrijthof

Vrijthof is the largest square in Maastricht. It has many restaurants and bars that are frequented by locals and tourists. It also holds the Basilica of Saint Servatius, the gothic church of Saint-Janskerk, a 17th-century military guard house, and a neoclassical mansion now used as a theater.

X Tips On What To See In Maastricht
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Brandweer Kantine

The Brandweer Kantine is a former fire station turned culinary hotspot. It has a large interior space that feels cozy and nostalgic yet modern. It is one of the most popular in Maastricht for dinner.

X Tips On What To See In Maastricht
X Tips On What To See In Maastricht
X Tips On What To See In Maastricht


All around the city and within the parks and natural reserves there are castle ruins that can be explored by tourists. It is amazing to see the architecture and the craftsmanship of these structures that have been held into place over time.

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This once Catholic-church is now one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. It dates back to 1294 and has been used as a military fortress, a school, an orchestra hall, and a warehouse. An investor decided in 2005 to restore it’s natural beauty and convert it to what is now a bookstore.

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The main public park, Stadspark, is located near the Jerker River and has medieval walls that are still standing. It also boasts a mini-zoo, several medieval sculptures from the 20th century, and footpaths to walk along the way.

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X Tips On What To See In Maastricht


Bisschopsmolen or Bishop’s Mill, is a traditional water wheel turned bakery. The smell of fresh bread will catch your attention from across the Jerker River. Patrons can enjoy the delicious pastries or take a tour of the bakery and wheel mill.

X Tips On What To See In Maastricht

Therma 2000

Located just outside the city limits is a fully-equipped wellness spa and resort, Thermae 2000. You can come for the day or stay in their hotel for a few days. There are several health and wellness options available, including locally sourced hot spring water in the indoor and outdoor pools, several full saunas, delicious food options, and facilities for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

X Tips On What To See In Maastricht
X Tips On What To See In Maastricht


Casemates is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maastricht. It is an underground network of tunnels used for the storing of guns and cannons throughout the centuries.

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X Tips On What To See In Maastricht

Maastricht, Netherlands is a quaint European city that captures the hearts of tourists all over the world. It combines modern restaurants, faire, and amenities with the amazing history of Europe giving you a peek into medieval times. The gorgeous architecture will enthrall you as you walk the streets enjoying delicious food and pastries. Hotels and resorts are available for you to relax and enjoy your vacation, too. It is a great spot for tourists looking to see a lesser known European masterpiece.



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11 Tips On What To See In Maastricht
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