10 NY State Attractions You Did Not Know About

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New York has so much more to offer away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you decide to hop into the car and take a road trip to your destination or a quick flight out of the city, these ten NY State attractions are sure to please. While most people need to take a vacation after their vacation, you’ll be kicking back reminiscing about how you can do it again next year! Planning your destinations and activities doesn’t have to be back to back busy without relaxing in between. That’s why you’ll appreciate these 10 attractions and destinations in New York State.

Family-Friendly NY State Attractions To Visit

Chautauqua Harbor Hotel

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

It may not be a specific “attraction” per se, but if you are going to visit in the local area, you are going to need to find ample accommodations. If you are on your way to upstate NY, consider the Chautauqua Harbor Hotel. The spacious rooms are suitable for families so when you are venturing out at the local NY State attractions in the area, there’s plenty of room for your keepsakes! Plus, you’ll enjoy the lakeside trails surrounding the hotel.

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

The hotel features a bar and room service through the Lakehouse Tap & Grille, featuring a menu that is sure to please and satisfy everyone after a long day of travel or attending the local attractions. Be sure to check out their seasonal package deals. You never know when you could use a Hilarious Getaway from life!

The National Comedy Museum

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

You may end up feeling like a star after visiting the National Comedy Center! Packed with inspirational stories and comedians’ humble beginnings, you’ll be able to walk the talk that made them so famous.

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

With interactive exhibits throughout the museum, you’ll want to extend your stay and visit again and again. The state-of-the-art personalization makes every visit worthwhile, meaning you won’t quite have the same experience twice in a row! So when you need a good laugh to lighten up your life, add the National Comedy Center to your list of NY State attractions to visit.

Panama Rocks

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

For the love of hiking, do not pass up your chance to venture through the cracks and crevices of the Panama Rocks Scenic Park. Not only will you see the deep cracks of the earth that make up these amazing formations, but you’ll also get a chance to attend the largest festivities that happen every year at the park.

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

While you are there, be sure to grab an ax. Yes, take a stance and get the bell rung when you hit your first bullseye when you partake in the Axcellent Adventures. Perfect for the whole family, starting with kids aged 11 and up, you’ll get a chance to take up a new sport – ax throwing! And if that wasn’t enough, be sure to book your calendars and plan your escape to the Wild America Nature Festival, which will be so exciting for the whole family to attend!

Southern Tier Distillery & Brewery

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

When someone has come up with a craft brew, you definitely should give it a try, and Southern Brewery Co. is one of those places that is on our list of NY State attractions you must visit. There may not be any ‘rides’ per se, but the craft beers, laid back ambiance, and finger foods are attractive to anyone who desires some R&R while stimulating your palate.

If you desire, tours are available at their distillery that is impressive to say the least. With an extensive beer list to please, you may have to rethink your ‘local’ beers and replace them with Southern Tier’s beers!

The Cheese Shop

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

There is no way you can be in Upstate NY without grabbing some local, fresh cheese curds. The cheese shop featuring Reverie Creamery and Artisan cheeses aim to please. Whether you are looking for a dignified aged cheddar or a fresh, squeaky curd, grab some on your way out of town before your next destination onward to other NY state attractions. After all, since you do have to eat, you may as well make it a healthy choice while learning and partaking in the local favorites: Cheese.

Even though they don’t offer tours, you can sample, ask questions, and get all the information you need about the artisan-made cheeses that have won numerous awards. The milk is from locally raised herds so as to keep a constant flavor distinguishable from other regions. A classic tradition and a travel-friendly snack, be sure to grab your favorites and take them along as you continue your venture through upstate NY.

Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

Submerge in an oasis away from home at this 4-diamond attraction at the end of Seneca lake. Did you ever think that luxury accommodations could be an attraction for you to indulge in? Grab one of six luxury king suites and rejuvenate your soul, meditate for stressless-ness, and then venture out into the surrounding areas for some local festivities.

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

Take a stroll down the pier and just listen to the world around you. Silence, nature, and you taking a moment to breathe in the day’s beginnings. Though it may seem cloudy and daunting at first, once the sun rises over the horizon, life comes alive in the Seneca Lake valley. This kind of NY State attraction is attractive to travelers who desire peace, calm, and the utmost comfort while exploring upstate NY.

Watkins Glen State Park

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

If you are not exploring the various wine trails Watkins Glen has to offer in this lush valley, then you have got to explore the 19 waterfalls along its course at the State Park. You and the family can trek over the gorge paths that wind over and under waterfalls and through the spray of Cavern Cascade. You’ll have plenty of selfie moments as you pass over the rim trails that overlook the gorge. 

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

Not all NY State attractions are worthy of visiting but when you take a moment to read about its rich history and how it all came together for public access, you get a new sense of this park and the surrounding area. If your kids are lucky enough to go on this excursion with you, be sure to have them read the plaques of information. After all, learning about history is not always reserved for the classroom.

1000 Island Harbor Hotel

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

Like the name itself implies, you have a 1000 lakes to explore, boat on, and fish in the further upstate you go. This beautiful attraction features amazing castles, lighthouses, and mouth-watering cuisine the whole family should experience. Once you park your stuff at the hotel, get ready to explore the local islands and tour boats till your heart’s desire.

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

We love luxury accommodations at an affordable price! So kick back and relax at the hotel when your smile-induced day has concluded. Be sure to check out the local attractions outside of the hotel to enlighten your travels.


10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

Since you are already kicking back in Clayton at the 1000 Island hotel, you might as well make a stop at Bella’s. The city of Clayton, NY was just recently rated by Budget Travel as one of the coolest small towns in America. Be sure to stop by after a castle visit to dine in a snappy casual atmosphere with all the best views of the River no matter what table you sit at.

If you love local cuisines, then be sure to add this to your Clayton list of NY State attractions to dine at. You’ll thank us later! Since this isn’t a year-round indulgence, be sure to plan your trip beginning in the spring through the summer months so you don’t miss out!

Thousand Islands Museum

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

It’s not often you come across a quaint little museum with golden treasures of the past from the local town. You’ll find old school books and desks from a local famous teacher who helped shape the town and the children of Clayton, NY. If you appreciate the oldies, be sure to stop in, it’s free to take a step into the past.

10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

Each of these timeless gowns has a story to tell. The Thousand Islands Museum does an impeccable job of preserving the history of the women who wore them. It may not be a big deal to see an old dress, however, if you take a moment to look at the styles of dresses the ‘modern’ women wore back then, they are quite beautiful, sophisticated, and elegant.

When it comes to planning your NY State attractions, what to see, where to stay, and what to do, all that really matters is you do what YOU want to do. So many times you can get caught up in the planning phase that you try to do everything without realizing you don’t even like to hike! Perhaps you are more laid back and love the winery scene or you love to experience more dining options. Make your vacation tailored to your desires, versus your vacation deciding for you what’s “fun”.


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10 Ny State Attractions You Did Not Know About

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