10 of the Coolest Airbnbs in Beautiful Europe

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Planning a trip to Europe is all fun and games until it comes to selecting the perfect accommodations. Hotels in the area you’re visiting may be expensive or fully booked, and honestly, there are so many more exciting options available these days! It is time to treat yourself with something distinctive and exceptional. These 10 coolest Airbnbs are the answer! 

Europe has hundreds of Airbnbs, but finding one that will feature exceptional views, provide extreme comfort, and is distinctive might be time-consuming and difficult. Good news: this list of the 10 coolest Airbnbs in Europe will make your vacation planning much easier. They range in size, location and price, and we’re pretty certain you will find one you love! So let’s dive deeper and unveil some of the most unique and coolest Airbnbs in Europe. 

Chateau des Costes — For a Luxurious Holiday


This place is on the top of the coolest Airbnbs in Europe list. It is a perfect treat for someone who loves luxury. With a large area that can house up to 23 people, high mountains, and breathtaking views of Bandol bay, this castle-turned-Airbnb will give you a glorious feeling during your stay. 

Visitors can also witness Musee National de la Marine and Circuit Paul Ricard and enjoy activities such as water skiing, scuba diving, and hiking nearby while staying here. 

Trysil Tretopphytter — Experience The Beauty Of Nature


Stay high above the trees and witness the beauty and sounds of nature in one of the most beautifully constructed tree houses (and coolest Airbnbs) in Norway. TheTrysil Tretopphytter can accommodate up to seven people, so bring some friends along! Securely standing seven meters above the ground, this breathtaking wooden treehouse features a kitchen, a small living place, an indoor fireplace, and a fire pit so travelers can enjoy cozy rooms during chilly and breezy seasons.

While you’re here, make plans to visit Fulufjellet National Park or enjoy skiing at ski resorts and Trysil Bike Arena. 

Cool Houseboat in Amsterdam — For Adventure Seekers


Fasten your seatbelts, adventure seekers, because this is one of the coolest Airbnb in the Netherlands. Built on a houseboat, this Airbnb with a sleek and stylish interior provides splendid canal views from its windows and terrace. Although it is comparatively smaller than other Airbnb (it can accommodate four people only), it is definitely worth a visit. 

And bonus, you also get use of four free bikes to explore the city when renting here. 

Blue House On Beach — For Those Who Love Waters


Staying at a blue house on the beach should definitely be on your bucket list for all the right reasons. This amazingly built, spacious house can accommodate up to eight people. Built on the beach, it features breathtaking views of the sea, beaches, and dunes. This stylish and air-conditioned home has two bathrooms, one bedroom, and a well-equipped kitchen. While you’re visiting, be sure to immerse yourself in water activities or jaunts in the dunes. Some of the coolest Airbnbs are the ones that are beachside!

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The Lake House — For Breathtaking Lake Views


Lake views have never looked better, except for when seen from this 19th century lake house. Built just 50 meters from the lake, many of its rooms, the large garden, and meadow feature spellbinding lake views. This is one of the coolest Airbnbs in the United Kingdom that’s a perfect destination due to its numerous facilities, suite bedrooms, and TV (although we’re pretty sure you won’t even want to watch it). While you’re here, check out Windermere Park and Hadrian’s Wall or trail to the nearby village.

Windmill Near Amsterdam — Stay in a Windmill


Staying in a windmill? Is it even possible? It is when you’re talking about the coolest Airbnbs in Europe! Experience the real Netherlands by visiting a windmill-turned-Airbnb near Amsterdam, which has three bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom all inside of a windmill. Surprised? This one is truly too cool to pass up. Witness vast green fields while staying in this rustic and charming Airbnb.

Visitors can visit Amsterdam, Gein, Vinkeveense, and the meandering river nearby, or make their trip more adventurous (as if it wasn’t already!) by renting a kayak or bike to ride. 

Scalco Villa — For History Buffs


This one’s for all history buffs out there. Scalco Villa is a stone fortress-turned coolest Airbnbs list addition that can accommodate a large number of people at the same time. This stunning villa was built back in the 17th century, but has been renovated recently with just the right blend of ancient and modern. It features an infinity pool and jacuzzi, so visitors can make the most out of their trip here. 

Visit the Pyramids of Segonzano Trento, Cembra Valley, and Lake Santo nearby during your stay here.

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Sleep In a True Plane —For Budget-friendly Vacation


This plane-turned residence is one of the coolest Airbnbs in France and must be on the bucket list of someone who loves planes but is scared of heights! Of course, what would be better than something that takes a plane sleeping experience to the next level? Visitors here can sleep in a real aircraft that still has its pilot cabin, seats and seatbelts, and doors. This place can accommodate four people and features an equipped kitchen, bathroom, and living area, and no turbulence!

Original Old Afghan Yurt Germany — For Culture Lovers


Afghan Yurt Germany is a perfect fusion of typical Afghan yurts and Germany’s traditions. It gives cultural vibes and features rich interiors from throughout the world. Although its facilities are limited (it doesn’t have a TV or water), its flamboyant decoration and vibrant patterns make it an attractive and cool place to stay in. Furthermore, it features a garden and swimming pool. This is one of the coolest Airbnbs that takes glamping to a new level!

Wild Atlantic Bus — Ideal For Family


This amazing double-decker bus-converted-Airbnb has enough room for six people. With a classy interior and large bus windows, you’ll witness one of the most vast coastal routes in Europe from here. Inside, it has the necessities, including a kitchen and stove, all lovingly crafted with tons of thought, intention and creativity. Outside, it has a fire pit and a gorgeous shower featuring splendid coastal views. We’d say that this is one of the coolest Airbnbs we’ve ever seen. Wouldn’t you?

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Well, there you have it – some of the most distinctive and coolest Airbnbs in Europe! Excited to try them out? Add these to your list and get the most out of your trip to Europe. Be sure to let us know which one you like best!


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