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Movie theaters help us escape our normal lives by entertaining us with big screens, big sound, and delicious snacks! Watching the latest blockbuster in movie theaters has become an exciting event for many people and is a great way to spend an evening with friends and family. Many cities have great movie theaters, but some stand out from the rest. This guide explores those movie theaters worldwide that you will never forget and are well known amongst movie lovers.

Raj Mandir, India


In Jaipur, India, everyone knows that the Rajmandir movie theater is known for the ultimate Bollywood experience: the national anthem played at the start of each movie, choices between expensive (balcony) and economy seats. Blockbuster movies like “Beta” starring Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor are played. Each Bollywood movie is a whopping three hours.

Raj Mandir Cinema opened in 1976 and has a seating capacity of 1,200 people. The ticket prices are pretty reasonable, and it ranks among the world’s best movie theaters. From the outside, Raj Mandir looks more like a palace than a movie theater. The lobby features custom-made wooden tiles and vintage chandeliers. This is one of the most popular among many tourists and locals who want the ultimate Bollywood experience.

Interesting Facts: With its eye-catching, modern pink exterior and asymmetrical shapes, the Raj Mandir is known to the locals as “Pride of Asia.”

Cine-de Chef in Kathmandu, Nepal


The beautiful Cine De Chef movie theater in Nepal takes dinner and a movie to a whole new level. The exquisite movie theater features a restaurant that has a gourmet chef. You can order your food and snacks while watching a movie with a stand-by hostess (talk about service!). Not only does Cine theater have delicious mouth-watering cuisine, it also has two bars where you can get organic cocktails. With great service comes high ticket prices. Many tourists and locals don’t mind paying a premium, especially when your hostess escorts you to the giant leather recliners.

Insider Tip: The Cine De Chef Movie Theater has a seating capacity of 169, which includes 40 luxury sofa seats and 129 theater seats.

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TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, California


One of the most famous movie theaters globally is the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre, also known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. This magnificent movie theater is located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles and opened in 1927. In 2013, the theater was renovated to become an IMAX theater. The iconic theater has premiered some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, such as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Tourists flock from around the world stop outside of the theater to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to check and snap pictures of the footprints and handprints left by movie stars. The TCL Theater has not just been used to view movies, it has also hosted three Academy Awards ceremonies!

Interesting Fact: The TLC Chinese Movie Theater has one of the largest movie screens in the United States.

Cinémathèque Française in Paris


The jewel of Paris is the magnificent Cinémathèque Française, which looks more like a museum than your average movie theater. Part of this beautiful theater is a museum dedicated to the long and rich history of French cinema. It has one of the world’s largest film archives, giving you a sneak peek into the storied history of French cinema. Cinémathèque Française is the perfect place for movie lovers.

Interesting Fact: Some of the greatest names in the French cinema, including Alain Resnais and François Truffaut, have called Cinémathèque Française as their “film school.”

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Windsor Cinema, Perth, Australia


The Windsor Cinema is an art deco masterpiece built in 1937, with bold lines marking its eye-catching blue and red tower. The cinema features a unique sliding projector set-up that means films can be beamed into the adjacent picture gardens. Part of the Luna Palace group, this theatre lets you have a drink before your film in the newly renovated foyer.

Alamo Drafthouse, Texas, United States


The Alamo Drafthouse opened in 1997 in Austin, Texas, and it has 22 locations across the US. All Drafthouse locations have chefs who prepare mouth-watering cuisine, such as pizza, burgers, and desserts from locally sourced ingredients. The servers bring your delicious meal, along with your alcoholic beverage, right to your seat. 

Many people consider Alamo has one of the best movie theaters in the US, not for the cuisine but for their zero-tolerance policy for smartphone use and talking through the movie. The use of smartphones is prohibited. In addition, they want the movie theater experience to be relaxing, so they don’t allow children under the age of six in the theater.

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4DX, Seoul, South Korea


When you go to the movie theaters, people sit, eat popcorn, and drink soda. That can be a little boring. However, the 4DX theater in Korea takes watching movies to a whole new level. It’s a 4-D movie theater that plays studio releases, using special effects such as movement, scent, fog, lightning, wind, and water effects. This theater is fun and thrilling for people who enjoy theme park rides. It really helps you to connect with the characters on the screen because it uses exciting special effects. Unfortunately, the 4DX theater discourages people with heart disease, back pains, pregnant women, and children under one meter from entering. 

Interesting Facts: The 4DX movie theaters are now part of CJ CGV, the largest cinema chain in South Korea. 

Kino International, Berlin, Germany


Kino International movie theater is located near countless heritage buildings. This theater has hosted its fair share of parties, festivals, and movie premieres. The historic theater was constructed in 1961 and took two years to complete. It draws in crowds because of its history, and it can seat up to 600 people. The magnificent theater is also known for its timeless beauty. The front of the upper floor features a large window and a space for a giant movie poster.

Interesting Facts: The Kino International Movie Theater is home to the annual Berlin Film Festival.

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Cine Thisio, Athens, Greece


If you are visiting Greece anytime soon, you must visit Cine Thisio. This is a breathtaking outdoor movie theater located near ancient monuments, the Acropolis and the Parthenon.  They’re known for showing classic movies as well as new releases. Athens, Greece, is home to many popular outdoor movie theaters that fill up fast during the summer with local movie buffs and tourists. There is no other movie experience on this planet than Cine Thisio. Come for the movie, stay for the view!

Interesting Fact: Cine Thisio was built in 1935, making it the oldest outdoor movie theater in Athens; the theater stays open from April to October.

Cinema Du Parc in Montreal, Canada


Montreal is known for its beautiful scenery, mouthwatering cuisine, and movie theaters. There are three independent movie theaters which are located in the heart of downtown, near the famous McGill University. The Cinéma du ParcBeaubien, and du Musée have been recently renovated to make the movie viewing experience more comfortable.

Cinéma du Parc is known to play some of the most diverse films in the industry. It plays an average of 300 different movies every year. The beauty of this theater is they feature independent and smaller budget movies, such as Beans, solely based on the movie’s story instead of its earnings. They also play French movies with English subtitles.

Movie lovers enjoy watching the latest award-winning films and blockbusters, and these are best experienced in the greatest movie theaters. Any serious movie buff will want to visit the movie theaters in this guide, as they combine a rich history with a unique moviegoing experience. So grab some popcorn and check out these amazing movie theaters from around the world!


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