What To Do In NYC During The Winter

What To Do In Nyc During The Winter

Visiting New York City during the winter can certainly uncover challenges that visiting in the summer would not.  During the winter the days are certainly shorter and colder than other times during the year, but that doesn’t mean that good times cannot be had.  Here are some suggestions on what to do in NYC during the winter to stay busy.  

 What To Do In NYC During The Winter

Santacon NYC            

What To Do In Nyc During The Winter
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Santacon NYC… exactly what is it? It’s a bit hard to describe but still a fun time for all.  Every year in mid December crowds of celebrants donning Santa suits gather at an undisclosed location to begin Santacon.  While the event itself is free, there is a requirement of a small charitable donation to obtain a Santa badge. With that badge you are granted access to all public and private venues participating in the event.  While several stops along the Santacon route are bars, this is not your average pub crawl. Santa’s of all ages are welcome at Santacon and full Santa costumes are required. Tips for having an awesome time are wear comfy shoes, layer up and enjoy the day. Visit Santacon.nyc for additional details.

The Gingerbread Extravaganza           

What To Do In Nyc During The Winter

Another idea for what to do in NYC during the winter is visiting the gingerbread extravaganza at the Le Parker Meridien hotel. Every year the hotel challenges area bakers to construct gingerbread masterpieces for display during the holiday season. There is a new theme for the sweet and crunchy masterpieces that line the hotels atrium every year, and if the smell of gingerbread makes you hungry, we hear there’s a pretty good burger joint on site.

Times Square Ball Drop           

What To Do In Nyc During The Winter

If huge crowds are your thing consider attending the ball drop in Times Square when planning what to do in NYC during the winter. Join the approximate 1 million other people who venture out to Times Square on New Years Eve for the annual countdown and ball drop.  Some tips if this makes your to do list… take the train in, traffic of course will be a nightmare. Eat before you go, restaurants in the area will have ridiculous wait times with that many people flooding the square. Also don’t get duped into buying a ticket. Entering Times Square for the events is free.  Be sure to arrive early and leave large bags and purses behind unless you want to be turned away at the entrance.

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Ice Skating            

What To Do In Nyc During The Winter

Another activity to consider when deciding what to do in NYC during the winter is ice skating.  Central Park is certainly the most widely known and photographed location for ice skating in NYC, it’s also probably the most expensive as well.  There are numerous other options including Bryant park that happens to be free. 

New York City Resturant Week             

What To Do In Nyc During The Winter
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If you happen to be wondering what to do in NYC during the winter and also happen to be there late January to early February consider attending New York City restaurant week.  The exact dates for the event do vary and should be verified prior to traveling. Restaurant week generally spans about two and a half weeks in total.  New York City Restaurant Week is the perfect opportunity to try prix-fixe meals at a reasonable price at over 350 of the finest restaurants in New York City. Check out the official website NYCGO for a complete listing of participating restaurants and make reservations.  

Igloo Bars          

What To Do In Nyc During The Winter

When planning what to do in NYC during the winter and cocktails are on the menu then a visit to one of New York City’s igloo bars is a must.  What could be better than enjoying rooftop views of New York City while toasting the night away with friends? Sure, the thought of frigid New York winter temperatures could make the idea of spending an evening on a rooftop bar sound about as appealing as a root canal. But the seasonal installation of a simple plastic igloo turns what would be unusable space in the winter into a regular party spot.  It seems that every year there seems to be new igloos that open but Bar 54 located in the Hyatt Centric and Igloo Bar at 230 Fifth Rooftop are two regulars to add to the itinerary.

New York City remains one of the top tourist destinations regardless of the season, but there’s something about winter time in the city that draws people in.  Despite the winter’s cold temperatures and snow there is always something interesting going on in New York City. Be sure not to let the winter weather stop the fun, pack plenty of warm clothes, and enjoy deciding just what to do in NYC during the winter.


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What To Do In Nyc During The Winter