5 Awesome Staycation Ideas During a Pandemic

5 Awesome Staycation Ideas

In search of vacation ideas, but not sure where to go? Did you recently have a planned vacation that was canceled? Are you staring at your unused vacation time and wondering how you can use your days off? With several travel restrictions in place from state to state, it may be difficult to find a vacation spot for your family. Look no further than your home state and try a staycation instead. Here are five awesome staycation ideas for vacationing right now, for anyone who needs to get away without “getting away.”

Revisit & Try These 5 Staycation Ideas

Drive-In Movie Theaters

Did you know there are over 300 drive-in movie theaters in the United States? Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Wisconsin, California, Tennessee, and Texas boast the most per state. But, all 50 states have at least one for some staycation ideas in your area. Most drive-in theatres offer regular screenings Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, on or around sunset. With a large parking area for vehicles, you and your family can watch the movie from the comfort of your car. Many locations offer a concession stand, however, you can bring your own popcorn, snacks, and drinks instead. (It’s more cost-effective that way, especially for large families.)

Insider Tip: If you don’t have one within driving distance, a growing number of cities and parks are offering “Movie in the Park” nights. Check out your local community newsletter or go online to your city’s website, so you can add this to your staycation ideas list.

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Kayaking and trying out new lakes and rivers have been growing in popularity for staycation ideas. Kayaking and canoeing are great exercises for children of all ages and can be a less strenuous exercise. Kids between ages two and six are recommended to share a kayak with an adult and always wear a life jacket. Children ages seven and up can kayak on their own in most places and are always required to wear a life jacket. Find a kid-friendly paddling destination if you have kids tagging along. You can go online to state parks or local parks and recreation sites to identify more kid-friendly spots for your staycation ideas to come to fruition.

Insider Tip: Be sure to pack water bottles, an extra change of clothes for each child, a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen and water-friendly shoes.

Day Trip to the State Capitol

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Want to learn more about your state’s history, the work that is being done at the state level, and see architectural and artistic symbols of your home state? Then, more staycation ideas could be to plan a visit to your State Capitol with some side-trips to make it a full day’s worth of exploring. Many states offer self-guided or group-based tours of the capitol building and surrounding grounds.

States like Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah may require the advanced purchase of tickets. If your staycation ideas include Colorado, Michigan, and Minnesota, for example, they are first-come, first-serve and time slots have a maximum number of people per group. You’ll find that many free public tours run hourly on most weekdays, excluding major holidays. Hours may vary by time of year, as well. Schedule early and arrive early if you add this to your list of staycation ideas.

Insider Tip: Some states offer free mobile apps that provide audio, maps, and other valuable information for your tour. Download before you go.

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Fruit and Vegetable Picking

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Summer and fall seasons provide local and farm-fresh food near you. Visit a locally owned farm and orchard that lets guests pick their own fruit, vegetables, pumpkins, and more for your next staycation idea. Spend the day picking fresh fruits and vegetables with your family. You and your family will benefit from going to a farm, being outside, and laboring to pick your own fresh, local produce! It is fun, safe, and educational to pick your own fruits and vegetables. Most farms and orchards offer a price per pound or by the container. Some farms offer mini sessions on freezing, canning, making jam, or preparing fresh salsa.

Insider Tip: Bake or purchase a pre-made cheesecake ahead of time. Use your freshly picked fruit to pair it!

Rent an RV and Camp

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Ever want to try camping but not sure how to do it? This is one of those staycation ideas you can literally do anywhere you want to …stay! Try renting an RV for your next camping trip and staycation idea. An RV rental provides you with a cozy living space, flexibility for the family to relax while traveling, and a comfortable place to rest your head after a day of exploring nature and the outdoors. Most RVs offer several amenities similar to home, with a kitchen, bathroom, and electronic device chargers. RVs range in size from 15 feet to larger than 45 feet, allowing sleeping arrangements for five to nine people.

Before selecting the RV size, find the location you want to visit, as well as the campground that you want. Many campgrounds offer a large array of amenities, such as lake access for swimming, fishing, and water sports. Most first time campers pick a location no more than three hours away from home. Review any campground size restrictions ahead of time. Fees will most likely include the RV rental per night, as well as the campground rental per night.

Insider Tip: If it is your first time, pick a smaller RV. Practice driving and parking before your first RV trip!

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You don’t have to go far for some great staycation ideas for you and your family. Exploring your home state provides you the benefits of travel and sightseeing, without the expense and worries that go along with traveling far away. Any staycations ideas you come up with are a great way to save money, spend your time off from work, and enjoy the beauty and culture of your own state.


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