5 Ways to Enjoy a Staycation

Five Ways To Enjoy A Staycation

Five Ways To Enjoy A Staycation

Just because you can’t get any time off work, or you can’t afford to take your family to Disneyland this year, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little staycation! Here are five ways that you can break the routine and make some memories with your family in your own hometown.

1. Living Room Camping

Forget stressful hours of packing and getting everyone ready for a camping excursion – you can enjoy a fun tent night right in your own home! Set up camp on your living room floor (with or without tent) or in your backyard. Enjoy microwave or BBQ s’mores and tell ghost stories. The best part? Your bathroom is just a few steps away and if someone decides they would rather sleep in their own bed, no big deal! You’re sure to create a memory that your children will remember forever.

2. Picnic Across Town

Break your routine of visiting the park down the street and instead pack up your ride and head somewhere new. Try a park you’ve never visited across town or maybe even in a neighboring town. Or better yet, visit an area nature preserve or national park. Pack a picnic of fresh foods and a few treats and you’re sure to make a memorable day out of it.

Five Ways To Enjoy A Staycation

3. Go Fly Kites

Who doesn’t love flying kites? Splurge on a few new kites for the whole family and get out of the house! Enjoy a little friendly competition and see who can fly theirs the highest or the longest. And even better, make this a new family tradition to which your kids can look forward each year.

4. Throw a Tropical Luau Party

Wish you were lounging on a beach somewhere tropical? Well, for a fraction of the price you can bring the tropics to you! Fill up the kiddie pool in the backyard (even better if you have a REAL pool!), blend up some pina coladas, download some tropical tunes, and invite your family and friends over. Everyone gets a flower lei (here’s a great deal on 100 of them!) and you can spend the day/night enjoying a little broomstick limbo and pulled pork sandwiches. Don’t forget the pineapple!

Five Ways To Enjoy A Staycation

5. Unplug for a Day

When you go on vacation, chances are that you aren’t checking your email every 5 minutes or spending every waking second playing with your cell phone. Instead, you’re getting out, exploring and relaxing, maybe even indulging in a good book. So, choose to unplug for a day at home. Turn off all the TVs, leave your cell phone in the bedroom, and hide the iPad. What you do with all the free time you create is completely up to you.

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