8 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute

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Nothing feels better than finding a hotel last-minute or finding the best price possible. With the world at our fingertips, we can easily find hotels from a number of apps (applications). Being able to navigate these tools is essential for those looking for a deal or anyone stuck in a jam. So here are 8 notable apps for booking hotels.

8 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute
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8 Best Apps For Booking Hotels


8 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute

The Hotels app is a solid choice for those doing an initial search for hotel options. They have a rewards program that makes a difference for repeat customers. By booking 10 hotel trips on the Hotels app, you will get your next hotel free. For those looking last minute, Hotels has a filter option to look at “Deals for Tonight”. You might just stumble upon a “Secret Price” for a luxury hotel.

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8 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute

If you do not know, then you should know, that booking a hotel last minute can really save you money. This app is primarily dedicated to the niche group of people booking just a week before or the day of. Their deals are posted at noon every day. If you are a budget buyer, this is one of the best apps for booking hotels.

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Google Hotel Search

8 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute

Good old Google. This does not have an app, but you can easily use any smartphone to search on this website. Those loyal to the Google brand will enjoy using their hotel search to find exactly what they need. What’s more? You can track prices on any hotel, and buy when you feel the time is right.

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9 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute

Kayak is another budget-friendly app for booking hotels. Kayak lets customers compare prices from other travel sights. So you know you are getting the best deal, even if it means picking a competitor price over Kayak. Kayak also lets you track prices. On top of that, it uses its knowledge of the market to advise on whether you should wait to buy or buy now.

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8 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute

One:Night is for last-minute bookings for some very stylish hotels. This app is only available in 10 U.S. cities, but you can bet they only list Instagram-worthy hotels. They also offer tips on what to see and do in the city you are staying in. Their deals are posted at 3 pm every day so keep your eyes peeled for those great deals.

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8 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute

Expedia actually owns Travelocity, Orbitz, and Hotwire. So instead of listing all of those apps, let’s go straight to the source. Expedia has thousands of hotels to choose from. Customers can save when they purchase their flight, hotel, and rental car through Expedia. Not to mention, Expedia has exclusive deals on its mobile app that you cannot get on the website.

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8 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute

Booking has more than a million listings to peruse. Booking is going to be one of the best apps for booking hotels for business travel. While searching for the most convenient location, you can also see which hotels also have free breakfast, WiFi, and a business center. Your Financial Department will thank you.

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8 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute

HotelsCombined is another app for the last-minute shopper. This app has around 800,000 options all over the globe. They also offer comparisons against other major travel sites. One thing you might notice on this app right away is that each listing has lots of photos for customers to review. That is not always the case with hotel booking apps.

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There are many different apps for booking hotels. Whether you are booking last-minute or looking for a deal, you can find just what you are looking for on your phone.


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8 Apps For Booking Hotels Last Minute
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