Prague: An Adventure in Walking

Prague: An Adventure In Walking

Prague is an undeniably romantic city located in Central Europe’s Czech Republic. You can walk the city by day and night and always feel like you are seeing the city for the first time. The gothic architecture surrounding the city is quintessentially European. It has inspired countless musicians, like Mozart, artists, and innovators, like Walt Disney. Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World took inspiration from Prague’s Tyn Church. That is only one building in Prague, there is so much more to see and discover.

Prague: An Adventure In Walking

Prague on Foot

Prague is a very walkable city. You could start at one end and make it to the other side by lunch or wine-time. Seeing how beautiful the city is you might be compelled to rent a bike. Do yourself a favor and skip the bike. You will find yourself in traffic with the inability to decipher where to turn or go. 

There are so many little oddities you will miss if you drive or bike around the city. It is to be expected to find small carvings in stone or penny arcade-style games on every corner. You do not want to miss out on exploring the pedestrian side of Prague.

Prague Castle

Prague: An Adventure In Walking

Start your first day by starting your walk on one side of the city and make your way to the Prague Castle, the world’s largest ancient castle. In the Prague Castle, you will also find the St. Vitus Cathedral, The Golden Lane, and more. A few of the attractions around and within the Prague Castle are free. Pay if you would like, but you might get just what you need out of your visit without buying a ticket.

Saint Wenceslas Vineyard & Villa Richter

Prague: An Adventure In Walking

Just outside of the Prague Castle is the Saint Wenceslas Vineyard. This beautiful vineyard looks over the city of Prague. It is connected to Villa Richter, a restaurant that offers samples of Saint Wenceslas wine. During the summer they have outdoor seating that offers an unreal view. Stop in and have a glass of wine, maybe schedule a reservation for later.

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Lennon Wall

Prague: An Adventure In Walking

The Lennon Wall is a tourist trap and a guilty pleasure at the same time. If you are walking in that area, you might as well walk past and take some no-shame selfies. Following the assassination of John Lennon, the wall turned from love poem graffiti to an homage to the late-Beatle. Do not be surprised if you hear buskers playing classic Beatles tunes.

Velkopřevorský Mlýn: An Intimate Restaurant

Prague: An Adventure In Walking

Before you cross the Charles Bridge, make a reservation at this intimate European restaurant tucked close to the Little Prague Venice. Some take a canal ride through Little Prague Venice, but only a few will eat next to it. If you are visiting with a loved one, then a table at their outdoor seating at Velkopřevorský Mlýn is a must.

Charles Bridge

Prague: An Adventure In Walking

The Charles Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe. Once you step foot and walk across, you will understand. As you walk the bridge you will undoubtedly encounter buskers, sundries, and artists painting in real-time. There is one important thing you must remember about Charles Bridge. You must cross is during the day and at night. The dramatic lighting at night changes everything.

Trdelník: Sweet Treat

Prague: An Adventure In Walking

This is a standard sweet treat to have in Prague. A Trdelník is fried bread that is covered in sugar and formed into a cone shape. You can order some with filings spread on the inside of the treat. The standard filling is chocolate. It is a lot of sugar, so do your best to have at least have one.

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U Zlateho Tygra: Classic Pub

Prague: An Adventure In Walking

Beer is very popular in Prague. How popular? The Czech Republic consumes more beer than any other country. So it is a must to try a classic Czech beer while you are in Prague. The most standard Czech beers will air on the lighter side.

If you only stop at one pub, then stop at U Zlateho Tygra (The Golden Tiger). This is a local bar that serves the best pour of Pilsner around, along with an authentic Czech experience.

Old Town Square and the Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague: An Adventure In Walking

End your journey at the Old Town Square. Here you will find street food, the famous Astronomical Clock, Tyn Church, and fantastical open shops for [window] shopping. This town square is always bustling and filled with life.

The Astronomical Clock is a must-see with a mechanical show announcing the time every hour. If you have never seen it before then you must see it at least once. It can get crowded so get there ahead of time to enjoy the square and get yourself a Trdelník while you wait.

The great thing about Prague is how walkable it can be. Any visitor can have their own adventure by exploring the old roads and keeping their eyes peeled for oddities and surprises. This list only scratches the surface of what to see. Follow this path, and create your own walking adventure.



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Prague: An Adventure In Walking

Photo Credit: Pexels