Things to Do in Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries

Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries
Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries

Minneapolis breweries can be found nearly all over town. This city loves their beer and they love to get creative with them too. Many locals will spend their weekends at a taproom or buying their local favorites to stock up at home. Ask any city-dweller and they will tell you one or two breweries they will take their out-of-state friends. Let us remove the middle man and tell you which Minneapolis breweries to consider whenever you visit the State.

Best Minneapolis Breweries

Bauhaus Brew Labs

Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries

Bauhaus Brew Labs‘ specialty is German-inspired beer styles, but it does not end there. Enlightened by the creativity and playfulness of Bauhaus School, they are not afraid to experiment with their brews. Their offerings always intrigue and the flavors never get old.

Bauhaus is located in what was once a crumbling industrial warehouse and is now a memorable event space large enough for the whole family. Bauhaus will always have board games in their taproom and lawn games in their outside space. They occasionally will push those to the side to bring in fun events for the holidays, restaurant spotlights or stand up comedy. Nothing beats their Schwandtoberfest, their own take on Octoberfest.

First round: Wonderstuff or Stargazer

Dangerous Man Brewing Co.

Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries

Good luck getting into Dangerous Man Brewing Co. This brewery is a small and intimate space for some unbelievable brews. No worries if you visit them on a weekday, just be prepared for a line during happy hours and weekends. Dangerous Man tends to brew one-off creations. So if you see something that intrigues you, you better try it while you are there. No matter if you are drinking a staple or a one-off, you can guarantee it is going to be imaginative. Want an example? They have a standard Chocolate Milk Stout that locals love, and they are now serving a Jamaican Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

First Round: Chocolate Milk Stout, any special sour or anything limited edition.

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Indeed Brewing Company

Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries

Indeed just successfully expanded to Milwaukee, so you know it is good. This brewery has an established core of brews, as well as a large selection of seasonal, barrel-aged, IPA, and limited edition batches. Interested in the process of Nitro? Indeed tends to have a regular brew available with carbonation and on Nitro. So you can find your favorite brews and also develop your palate.

First Round: Day Tripper or B-Side Pils

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries

Fair State is not only a brewery it is also a Co-op. Anyone can be a member and contribute to the future or the company. Members can display a headshot on the taproom wall for a harmless humble brag. Fair State does not serve food, but they have tons of delicious restaurants nearby. Guests are welcome to bring in their own food. Fair State is a great place if you like sours. They have taken the initiative to always have several delicious sours available, not to mention their hard seltzers.

First Round: Roselle or Vienna Lager

Modist Brewing Co.

Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries

Modist Brewing Co. went viral in the last few years, so there is a chance you have already heard of them. On top of making playful brews like an Orange Dreamsicle IPA, they once created a beer that was named after Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly” campaign. In good humor, Bud Light sent a scroll-yielding messenger to recite their cease and desist letter. The video of the reading went viral and the letter is currently framed in the Modist taproom. Long story short, if you go to Modist, you are in for a good time.

First Round: Cold Press Coffee Lager or Orange Dreamsicle IPA

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Sociable Cider Werks

Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries

This is for all those cider lovers out there. Sociable Cider Werks is one of the best Minneapolis cideries you can visit. During the summer they have tons of outside events with art, music, and food trucks. Many of their brews are apple-based, so Sociable coincidentally makes for a perfect fall taproom. Although, Sociable is fun no matter what the season, especially for couples. Every Wednesday they have a date night, featuring their resident food truck. It is a perfect evening for any couple looking for a unique night out that pinches a few pennies.

First Round: Freewheeler or Burn Out

Surly Brewing Co.

Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries

Surly is the Big Kahuna of Minneapolis breweries and is well-known throughout the Nation. This two-story taproom features a brick-oven pizza kitchen, another full-fledged restaurant, beers that speak for themselves, and community tables as far as the eye can see. They also have a large outdoor area for concerts, lawn games, and fire pits. If you are in from out of town, you might want to stop by to see how mammoth it is. Then, of course, stay for the brews.

First Round: Furious or Rosé

Wild Mind Artisan Ales

Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries

Out of all the Minneapolis breweries, this might be the most creative one. Stepping into Wild Mind is like stepping into a modern laboratory. It is not uncommon for their brew menu to use words like cheesy, barnyard funk, campfire, cucumber puree or orange peel with pine. Their brews tend to be extreme, their sours can be lip-puckering and their stouts dark and sticky. No matter what you try, it’s an experience.

First Round: You pick this one

These are just a few of the best Minneapolis breweries that you can visit. There are definitely more in Minneapolis worth a trip. Regardless, these Minneapolis breweries might be the best places to start. Cheers!

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Things To Do In Minneapolis: Visit Minneapolis Breweries