10 Of The Best Casinos For High Rollers Around The World


Nothing is as exciting or thrilling as a visit to some of the best casinos in the world! The dazzling lights, screams of jubilation, and triumphant slot machine jingles all drive our adrenaline higher. So take a chance and see where Lady Luck takes you, as you explore this guide about some of the best casinos in the world.

The Best Casinos Around The Globe


The Paradise Walker Hill Casino, South Korea


The Paradise Walker Hill Casino in Seoul, South Korea, is one of the first establishments in Asia directly inspired by the gambling institutions in Macau. It’s also the oldest and most prestigious in Seoul. The Paradise served as the inspiration for Caesar’s Casino, the first foreign-owned luxury casino complex in Seoul allowed to have accommodations. Even though Caesar’s was approved first, Paradise was built first. Aside from being one of the largest and best casinos in South Korea, Paradise is also one of the most luxurious, with over 276 gaming facilities, including VIP rooms & lounges. 

Interesting Fact: The Paradise Walker Hill Casino is looking to increase its tourism numbers by bringing in foreign gamblers with its world-class accommodations. 

Casino Paradise, India


The Casino Paradise is one of the largest and best casinos in India. It’s a part of the luxurious Neo Majestic Hotel and is a huge tourist attraction. The casino gaming area is 5,000 sq. ft., equipped with roulette stations, baccarat, blackjack, mini flush, and electronic slot machines. Neo Majestic offers over 100 five-star rooms to stay in when you visit Goa on a pleasure or business trip. The Neo Majestic is known for its heavy security, assuring the safety of all its guests.

Interesting Facts: Neo Majestic has always been eco-friendly when it comes to garbage and unwanted waste. They recycle the trash and turn it into organic fertilizer, used for farming. This luxurious hotel also offers swimming pools, a gym, three restaurants, and a world-class spa. 

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Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, Australia


The beautiful Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, located in Melbourne, provides guests with an unforgettable experience of casino games including Mississippi Stud, Nutz, Poker War, Roulette, Big Wheels, Blackjack, Craps, Dice Duel, and Sicbo. It also provides its clients with special private poker packages at a hefty price tag. Gamblers can get a private table, tournament chips and specialty cocktails, finger foods, and entertainment that can only be found at the best casinos. 

Interesting Fact: The Crown Casino hosts many prestigious tournaments like Melbourne Cup Sweep Tournament, Aussie Millions Poker Championship, and the Aussies Million Warm-up Week.


The Grosvenor Casino, Birmingham


After stepping into Grosvenor Casino, the wide range of entertainment and games will surprise you, ranging from poker tables to blackjack and electronic terminals. Players in this iconic casino have the chance to try everything they need for a night out, and this casino in Birmingham stands as one of the busiest and most prominent in the country. The Grosvenor Casino might be the most spectacular resort in the West Midlands, differentiating it from the other casinos. 

Insider Tip: Grosvenor Casino is a chain of casinos located in the UK. This luxurious casino offers 24-hour facilities and competitive gaming. 

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Casino du Liban, Lebanon


Located north of Beirut, Lebanon, Casino du Liban is the largest and one of the best casinos in the country. The casino is designed with high rollers in mind. The central area is elegant, requiring visitors to dress in suits, ties, and evening gowns. However, the slot machine area offers a more casual experience. Roulette, poker, and blackjack are all available at the casino’s gaming tables and slot machines. 

The gaming area takes up to 376,000 square feet and is split into four unique regions with six poker tables, 56 different table games, and 423 game machines. The ambiance that Casino du Liban offers will make for a memorable experience for anyone looking for a good time, making it one of the best casinos in the world.

Insider Tip: In addition to the vast array of games to choose from, the casino is situated among various restaurants, a theatre, and a hotel. 

Sun City Casino, South Africa


The iconic Sun City Casino opened in 1979 by Sun International is one of South Africa’s best casinos. Located 200km outside the city center, it houses one of the biggest jackpots on the scene. The gaming floor covers 125,000 square feet, has 852 slots and 33 gaming tables to keep you playing for hours.

It offers a wide range of games, from baccarat to slots, to the famous Wheel of Gold Machine and Mega Duma. In addition, local players can earn VIP points, redeeming rewards like dining and accommodation. It’s not all about gambling, and the casino also offers an entertainment hub for your entire family. Of course, Sun City features top show venues and hosts several shops, restaurants, safaris, and two golf courses.

Insider Tip: The ATMs and cash desk facilities provided at Sun City take in all major currencies.

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Diamonds Casino, Mexico


The Diamonds Casino is the city’s most luxurious and one of the best casinos in Mexico. This casino is made up of nine hundred slot machines of various popular brands. There are several high stake tables and separate poker rooms. Diamonds Casino provides high-quality sportsbooks and restaurants that run 20 hours a day. 

Insider Tip: Diamonds Casino offers family accommodations with a full spa and kid-friendly waterside parks.

Casino Semiramis, Cairo, Egypt


Counted amongst Cairo’s most popular and oldest casinos, Casino Semiramis has been a long-time favorite of tourists ever since it opened in 1990. There are 34 slots machines at the casino, six Blackjack, two Caribbean Stud Poker, Punto Banco, Semiramis Stud Poker, and five American roulette live table games for their gambling entertainment. You will also find a snack bar, a lounge area, as well as a private gaming area.

Gamblers will find Casino Semiramis a fantastic gambling experience. The Semiramis Casino underwent extensive remodeling in 2000, ten years after it was opened. This transformation resulted in the more popular club-style gambling experience. In the casino’s lounge area and cocktail bar, guests have access to cocktails 24 hours a day. In addition, happy and courteous waitstaff serve a variety of drinks.


Casino Rama Resort, Canada


There’s a casino in Orillia about two hours from downtown Toronto, but it’s worth driving there. This casino is Ontario’s only First Nations resort casino. The Casino Rama Resort boasts 60 gaming tables to choose including Craps and Blackjack, over 2,200 slot machines, and regular live performances at a 5,000 seat entertainment center. The magnificent resort also offers eight unique restaurants, an indoor saltwater pool, three shopping boutiques, and Balance in Life Spa.


Bellagio, Las Vegas, USA


Located in Las Vegas, Bellagio is one of the most famous and best casinos in the world, featured in Hollywood movies such as Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve. Designed by legendary casino visionary Steve Wynn, the Bellagio cost $88 million to build. Gaming at the Bellagio is centered around high-limit poker rooms with sky-high table limits that regularly host World Poker Tour tournaments. However, the casino is not the only place you can gamble, with 2000 slot machines that payout jackpots of up to $2 million.

There is also a world-famous dancing fountain, an eight-acre lake, and exclusive fashion shops, including Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, all within walking distance of all this high-rolling gaming that you would expect only at the best casinos in the world.


Whether you wish to change your fortune by playing a game of luck and chance, or you just want to take in all the sights and sounds, there is nothing quite like the best casinos in the world! These casinos have millions poured into their construction, and millions can be made when playing at any of them if Lady Luck is on your side. So go ahead and roll the dice at any of the best casinos in this guide.


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