10 World-Famous Luxury Spas For Getting Pampered

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Everyone needs to be pampered and escape from real life stresses, even for a little while. These world-famous luxury spas are sure to indulge your senses and relax your mind and body. With wonderful spa packages, including hot stones, Swedish massages, and whole-body scrubs, you will feel rejuvenated mentally and physically. Learn about these luxury spas and all they have to offer in the guide below. Your body and mind will thank you.

Ananda Spa, India

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Ananda is one of the luxury spas located in the Himalayas and is considered one of India’s top destination luxury spas. Set against the soothing background of the Himalayas, it’s built on a Maharaja’s palace estate. The 24,000-square-foot spa offers 24 treatment rooms, with treatments based on Ayurveda’s traditional Indian practices, yoga, and meditation. There’s also an enticing spa boutique, stocking everything from Indian music to organic food. A three-night minimum stay is required.

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The five-night Holistic Detox program package will provide you with introductory Ayurveda sessions and a cleansing therapy with India’s leading Ayurveda doctors and therapists. You can also try a longer Stress Management program with personal yoga and meditation sessions. The spa offers 80 therapies that balance physical and mental well-being through meditation, chanting, breath control, and reflexology. Many Indian celebrities are known to spend time in this magnificent spa.

Interesting Fact: The Ganga Aarti, a 90-minute holy meditation and prayer ceremony, is held daily at sundown on the banks of the holy river Ganges at this spa.

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Siam Herbs for Health Spa, Kata Beach, Thailand

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Siam Herbs for Health Spa in Phuket is an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment, a place where you can truly relax, rest your body and soul, feel harmony, and refill your life energy reserves. Specialists at these luxury spas studied the art of massage in the best massage schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, places where the traditions of massage therapy of Thailand were born.

Today, visitors have a unique opportunity to experience the relaxing and healing effect of Thai spa treatments on Phuket’s Island in the Siam Herbs spa. The spa has specially selected the most effective and unique massage techniques, thought out spa packages with a certain sequence of procedures to bring you maximum benefit and positive emotions. Immerse yourself in the world of healing and relaxation with Siam Herbs for Health Spa!

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Insider Tip: Thai herbal massage is a unique spa procedure, soft and relaxing, but at the same time, extremely effective. During the massage, warm bags filled with completely natural medicinal herbs are used for the massage. The unusual technique allows you to accelerate metabolism, strengthen immunity, relax your muscles, and improve your mood.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

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If you are looking for a more hardcore wellness experience from luxury spas, then the SHA Wellness Clinic, on the Mediterranean coast near Altea, Spain, has a range of specially-designed programs, from Anti-Stress and Wellness to Weight Control and Rejuvenation. The SHA Method combines the most effective natural therapies with therapeutic nutrition and the latest anti-aging technology developments. Guests can choose from a 7-day or 14-day treatment option. The spa is popular with the A-list, including supermodels, and even Russian President Vladimir Putin is rumored to have enjoyed a detox.

With its cabana-ringed rooftop pool and white and chrome design, SHA could almost be mistaken for a hedonistic escape on the Mediterranean. This luxury spa combines western science (genetic testing, cryotherapy) with eastern wisdom (reiki, acupuncture) and targets everything from frown lines to insomnia. In one day, you might meet with a cardiologist, a personal trainer, and an expert in regenerative medicine. SHA is a paradise at the service of your health and wellbeing!

Insider Tip: Try the Rejuvenation program, which reduces premature causes of aging through a holistic understanding of health.

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Aro-Ha, New Zealand

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At this Scandinavian spa, a 21-acre retreat near Queens-town, strenuous six- to ten-mile treks, and daily mindfulness sessions take place against the insanely beautiful backdrop of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, snowcapped peaks, and turquoise Lake Wakatipu. The straight from the garden meals and plunge pools are set against a backdrop of Tolkien-worthy views.

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Aro Ha is a multi-award winning retreat that has won 17 international awards. It’s where wellness traditions meet luxury spas. This beautiful spa offers vinyasa yoga with the rising sun, so you can indulge yourself in nature and use various practices to elevate your body and mind. After days of nourishing yourself from the inside out, you’ll leave rejuvenated and reconnected to your soul.

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Insider Tip: Aro Ha encourages you to switch off from technology and renew your awareness. Navigating between group and solo activities, you’ll learn to balance solitude and community for wellbeing and clarity. Welcome to luxury spas at their best!

Dwarika’s Resort, Nepal

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It’s not very typical for luxury spas, but this ayurvedic retreat an hour’s drive from Kathmandu is known for its masterful blend of Buddhist medicine and Vedic philosophy. Its unconventional treatment rooms (meditation maze, chakra sound chamber, Himalayan salt room) are set in the Himalayan foothills outside Kathmandu, Nepal, and opened in August 2013. This is a spectacular property, offering guests the chance to enjoy unique Himalayan spa treatments, gentle hiking, and organic cuisine prepared with ingredients from locally owned farms. This luxury spa also offers a magnificent view of the Himalayan range and an elegant Presidential Suite.

Presidential Suite

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The Presidental Suite gets its name from one of Nepal’s most spectacular and northernmost regions, Dolpa. The suite is designed to reflect the inherent abundance and tranquility found within nature and is one of the best suites for luxury spas. Set magnificently at one of the resort’s highest points, the suite covers an area of around 1,700 square feet, featuring an expansive terrace with an elegant outdoor lounge and sleeping area. The suite comes along with a private kitchen, a chef (on request), a private hot tub, and offers some of the resort’s most extraordinary views.

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Amani Spa at Mara Bushtops Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya

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The luxury accommodations at this private ranch bordering Kenya’s Masai Mara are billed as “a 5-star hotel room under canvas.” From the tented en-suites, visitors can observe the wildlife that frequents the camp’s natural saltlick — including elephants, giraffes, lions, and leopards. The on-site Amani Spa uses organic skincare products inspired by African plants’ traditional use and offers massages, hydrotherapy, and holistic skin and body care.

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The World Luxury Spa Awards declared Mara Bushtops to have the best safari spa in Africa for three years. The Amani Spa’s location overlooks the wildlife at the salt lick. Then there’s the design, which creates a haven of peace and tranquillity combined with luxurious pampering, using natural ingredients. Find out for yourself and feel a world of care slip from your shoulders with the ultimate in luxury spas.

Insider Tip: A large relaxation deck provides uninterrupted views of animals visiting the salt lick. It’s wild luxury, made beautifully real.

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Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie, Paris

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Filled with sunlight, Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie in Paris opens onto a pleasant interior garden and has eight treatment rooms, including a Russian Banïya and a private couple suite. Expert therapists will swiftly understand your needs and stress points. They will attend to your comfort with warmed beds and heated towels throughout the treatment, massaging feet or hands while infusions and masks do their work.

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Le Bristol Spa by La Prairie is pleased to partner with Bonpoint, the luxury brand dedicated to children, for unprecedented collaboration. A Bonpoint spa menu with exclusive treatment protocols for Le Bristol Paris has been specially designed for the well-being of the very young and not-so-young alike. So luxury spas can work for both the young and old!

Insider Tip: A Tata Harper 100% natural skin beauty ritual is offered exclusively at Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie.

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The Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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Iceland’s Blue Lagoon has emerged as one of the world’s top tourist destinations for luxury spas, but what many still have yet to learn is that it’s now home to a transformative spa retreat. The Retreat Hotel seeks to bring all guests in harmony with nature. It’s an underground lava rock facility, complete with water massages, mineral-rich treatments, and unrestricted access to the Blue Lagoon. There’s also a curated library, an art gallery full of Icelandic ceramic works, and a lava rock wine cave. Views abound everywhere, from the suites to the restaurant, and you might get a front-row seat to the Northern Lights!

Insider Tip: No other luxury spas offer an extraordinary waterscape that flows from the same wellspring of geothermal seawater as the Blue Lagoon, which is a mineral-rich area that opens new vistas of wellbeing.

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Palace Merano, Espace Henri Chenot: Italy

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Espace Henri Chenot has become a place for Europe’s rich and famous to detox in a fairytale Alpine village. This spa experience is not meant to be romantic; it’s about results. This is about joining designers, models, and socialites in a rigid fasting regimen, treatments inspired by a blend of Eastern and Western practices, and strolls through the Dolomites. You’ll leave looking and feeling lighter after following one of Dr. Chenot’s intensive programs.

Insider Tip: The Detox Treatment Program is constantly monitored by a medical team who, on the arrival of the guest, make precise evaluations on his/her state of health. This is one of the most result-oriented spas amongst all luxury spas!

Oedo Onsen Monogatari, Japan

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When it comes to picking the best onsen luxury spas in Japan, the Oedo Onsen Monogatari is what first comes to mind. Equipped with all the best facilities, this place has a natural hot water spring, which offers a relaxing escape.

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Not only is this spa perfect for relaxation, but there are other activities within the premises, including a shooting game, a candy store, and some small shopping stores, too. While here, the tourists have to wear the traditional Yukata (kimono) provided by the hotel. Apart from the hot spring spa, there is also a space to take foot baths to warm up your feet. This is pampering done right at luxury spas!

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Feeling run down and fatigued? You are not alone! Today’s working woman faces many challenges, including balancing home and job stress. It is important to take out time for yourself, and luxury spas can provide the fastest route to rejuvenation. So give your mind and body the pampering they deserve by visiting one of these world-famous luxury spas on your next vacation!



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