A Comprehensive Guide To Must-visit Sardinia Beaches

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Every year, people worldwide travel to beautiful destinations to enjoy amazing beach vacations. Some are dreaming about their next vacation to the sandy shoreline of a peaceful island beach right now! Why not consider one of these Sardinia beaches in Italy? We’ve compiled some of the best destinations to check out while you are visiting Sardinia beaches. Imagine relaxing at your private beach resort surrounded by the spectacular beauty of Sardinia Island on your next vacation.

But you don’t just have to imagine it. Make it happen! Besides picture-perfect Sardinia beaches, this region has it all – a landscape dotted with hills, stunning lakes, the craggy valley, delicious food, exotic culture, and much more. Let’s dive in!

A Sneak Peek Into Local Sardinia Culture

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Before discussing all of the wonderful things to see, do and eat, let’s look at Sardinia’s local culture. While Sardinia’s second-largest island is home to gorgeous crystal water Sardinia beaches, it is actually scarcely populated. Yes, in Sardinia, you hardly spot humans and cars on the road—ahhhh… sound serenity!

People of Sardinia speak Italian, of course, but Sardinian is the real local language of the island. Above all, Sardinians are very particular about their traditions and culture, are known for their delicious meals and locally grown food. 

Good news: Sardinians are welcoming and extremely kind. However, almost stubbornly so! If a local family offers you a grazing board, you may want to oblige. They may not take no for an answer – especially when it comes to food being offered and shared!

A unique custom of Sardinians brought from Arab culture is the use of a women’s head covering or muccadori. Also, Sardinians celebrate dresses – women love wearing embroidered skirts and scarves! Waistcoats and different shaped hats are common for men. 

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Best time To Go To Sardinia Beaches

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Visit Sardinia beaches any time around the year, except for August. Sardinia in August gets sweltering hot and crowded, the costs become increasingly high, and nearly all the accommodations are booked. On top of that, Sardinia beaches are flooded with tourists and locals, meaning there’s no serene beach getaway to be enjoyed!  

The best time to explore Sardinia is between April and June, when it’s not as hot. During this time, the blue-green water of Sardinia beaches is warm, the sky is clear, and the flowers are in bloom. September is another excellent time to take a walk along this dreamy coast. 

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Where To Stay Near Sardinia Beaches

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After a long day on the Sardinia beaches, cooking with friends and family, or kayaking, you definitely need a place to relax. Time to roll out the welcome mat at one of the island’s best places for a sleepover! There are both budget-friendly and luxury hotels across Sardinia, but to get a more authentic, local experience, opt for a bed and breakfast!

Maison Kaina

Maison Kaina, located in Olbia, is among the top-rated accommodations in Sardinia. This bed and breakfast’s amenities include an in-room safe, free wifi, an air conditioner, and a daily housekeeping facility, as well as (you guessed it) a delicious breakfast!

The luxurious in-room decor with marble or tile floor and beautiful garden balcony view make the rooms welcoming and impressive. All in all, Maison Kaina is just 15-20 minutes away from small Sardinia beach, Spiaggia Pittulongu, known for its splendid white sand and shallow water. 

Palazzo Pilo

Palazzo Pilo offers a comfortable space to stay that suits all guests’ needs. It features family rooms, ironing facilities, electric kettles, hairdryers, adjoining rooms, a private bathroom, and free Wi-Fi. Palazzo Pilo is located just a few minutes away from Alghero Airport and Sassari railway station, Figari-Sud Corse Airport, and Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. 

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Where To Go While Vacationing to Sardinia Beaches

What sights to see and things to do exist in Sardinia, you ask? Well, you’re in for a treat. The magical Sardinia Island located west of the Italian Peninsula is perfect for a great gateway! From Sardinia beaches to plenty of fun-filled recreational spots, rocky valleys, and lakes, below is a guide to several must-see places and things to do in Sardinia, Italy. 

Costa Smeralda 

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As we now know, Sardinia is known for its sparkling water and soft white sand beaches. Costa Smeralda has it all, from sunshine and pristine Sardinia beaches to shopping places, jet ski rides, and boat trips to explore the Maddelena Islands. 

The Emerald Coast, Costa Smeralda, is home to stunning Sardinia beaches, the clear water Cala di Volpe, and the turquoise Romazzino beach – the sky’s the limit. When visiting these gorgeous Sardinia beaches, you’re not going to want to leave!

Su Giudeu, Chia

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The magnificent Su Giudeu, Chia is a gorgeous beach with white sand and intense blue water. It is surrounded by captivating dunes that are 20 meters high. Adventure seekers will enjoy exploring these magical, strikingly beautiful Sardinia beaches and dunes. Walking through this Su Giudeu paradise is one of the experiences you won’t want to miss when exploring Sardinia beaches.

Cala Mariolu

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The last pick on our list of must-visit Sardinia beaches is Cala Mariolu. Cala Mariolu is one of the sugar-sand Sardinia beaches located on the eastern coast of this magical island. The beach offers various recreational activities for all ages, from snorkeling to scuba diving to boating. Sardinia beaches are great places for cooking with friends and family or sitting alone in tranquility while enjoying pristine beach views. And speaking of pristine views – just look at that water!

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What To Eat While Visiting Sardinia Beaches

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Looking to grab a bite when you’re done visiting Sardinia beaches all day? Get ready, because here are a couple of dishes rich in both flavor and uniqueness! After soaking in the sun at blissful Sardinia beaches, one would surely want to eat something delicious, right? Try some raw seafood, and what is tastier than spaghetti with sea urchin? While visiting Sardinia beaches, you’ll also want to taste some creamy, rich culurgiones. Culurgiones are dumplings fed with boiled potatoes and cream. Try this scrumptious dish on your next visit!  

Are you planning your trip to an eccentric island this vacation? Sardinia beaches make a perfect travel spot, offering affordable lodging, various fun-filled outdoor activities, and splendid sights. The island has something to offer visitors of all ages. If you’ve never been to Sardinia, use our travel guide to get started. The crystal clear water, ethereal beauty, and stunning mountain landscape of Sardinia beaches are 100% worth seeing! 


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