9 Things to Do in Vienna, Austria

9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria is a sophisticated city that features elaborate Baroque architecture and extravagant palaces. Just being in the city makes you feel the elegance and want to embody it. The city is known for being the classical music capital of the world and the expert of coffee house culture.  So, keep your eyes and stomach open as you explore these things to do in Vienna. 

9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

Discover Things to Do in Vienna

Hop-on Hop-off Bus

9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

Normally a hop-on hop-off bus is not the first suggestion for things to do in Vienna. This is the exception. There are so many beautiful sights and amazing architecture that it helps to be on the top deck of a bus. See a museum that sounds interesting? Just hop off and hop into some knowledge.

Explore the Café Culture

9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

Vienna is known for its coffee house culture. It is a social experience that will, at first, take you off guard. Once you step into a Viennese coffee house you will instantly subscribe to the elegant atmosphere and might just spend an entire day there. Not convinced? Viennese coffee house culture is protected by UNESCO as an intangible cultural history. Some of the best cafés to visit are Café Mozart, right next to a hop-on hop-off bus stop, Café Central, a historical cafe, and Café Hawelka, famous for its sweet rolls. 

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Eat a Wiener Schnitzel

9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

Wiener Schnitzel is a pan-fried and breaded veal cutlet. It is also a national dish of Austria. So it goes without saying that eating a wiener schnitzel is one of the main things to do in Vienna. Schnitzelwert is fairly close to the city center and boasts an inexpensive, yet high-quality, schnitzel. Just make sure you go on an empty stomach. You are in for one rich dish.

Schönbrunn Palace Plus Some

9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn Palace is the summer home for the Habsburg rulers. It is also one of the top things to do in Vienna for tourists. The inside boasts 1,441 rooms in Rococo style, while the outside has vast gardens and Roman ruins. The palace also has other events and activities for visitors. There is a Children’s Museum, a Strudel Show and Tasting, as well as a packaged Tour, Dinner, and Concert. There are lots of options, so find a way to explore the palace besides spectating.

The Belvedere Palace is also a very popular place to tour in Vienna. It is known for being some of the most beautiful and cherished Baroque landmarks in Europe. Be careful of visiting too many palaces. It may be more valuable to experience the city outside of the palace walls.

Sausage Stands

9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

Sausage stands or Wurstelstand kiosks have become a staple of Austrian cuisine. These stands are sprinkled around the city and have a large variety of meat options. This is the perfect snack for any tourist needing something to eat between meals.

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Kursalon Hübner

9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the capital of classical music. Back in the day many influential composers, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, called Vienna their home. So when visiting Vienna, it would be silly to not see a concert. There are so many options for tourists but the Kursalon Hübner is one of the few that has orchestral music, singing, and dancing.

Their “Sound of Vienna” exclusively features Strauss and Mozart. The Kursalon also offers gorgeous indoor and outdoor dining at the Café Restaurant Johann. The Kursalon, built it 1865, is located in beautiful Stadtpark. It will be hard to not walk around the park before or after the concert.


9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

The Naschmarkt is a popular outdoor market beloved by tourists and locals. There are 120 stalls that feature fresh foods, goods, and meals. Visit on a Saturday to also take part in the Naschmarkt Flea Market. It is hard to eat enough fruits and veggies when you travel, so it is definitely not a bad idea to visit the Naschmarkt for produce and lay off the wiener schnitzel.

Spanish Riding School

9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

The Spanish Riding School was started in the 1500s and is known as one of the most prestigious riding academies. Guests can now attend performances where they will see many routines of classical dressage, including the Olympic Grand Prix Dressage test. If you have ever wanted to see a horse pirouette, then this is one of the things to do in Vienna.

Cake War

9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

Vienna takes their cakes very seriously. One cake in particular; a chocolate sponge cake called Sacher-Torte. There are two main distributors, Hotel Sacher and Demel in Vienna that claim they made the original cake. This dispute ended up in a legal battle that started in 1954 and ended in 1963. This is known as the “Cake War”. This is some pretty good cake. For the record, the court ruled that Hotel Sacher is the originator of the Sacher-Torte.

The beauty and elegance of the city offers many things to do in Vienna. Whether you are a classical music lover, a foodie, or just want to relax at a café you can find your slice of [Sacher-Torte] heaven here.



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9 Things To Do In Vienna, Austria