RV Resort In Florida: Your Own Little Cottage Getaway at Live Oak Landing

Rv Resort In Florida: Your Own Little Cottage Getaway At Live Oak Landing

It’s probably time you took a bit of R&R away from COVID, teleworking, video conferencing, commuting, face masks regulations, and pretty much anything else 2020 threw at you that isn’t so pleasant. Sure, traveling is down, but do you know what? Taking a vacation to an RV resort in Florida is probably one of the safest first vacations you could do. First, you’ll have your own little cottage or RV for your accommodations. You’ll be able to go to the pool that you can actually swim in! You’ll be able to get away from the stress of COVID while still practicing safe CDC protocols in the process. It’s time to vacation again, folks!

One of the reasons to take a vacation is, you need to getaway. Sheltering in place with most of the world shut-down and closed off has most of us yearning for human connection again. Even if we are practicing social distancing, you don’t have to do that with your own family. They are the ones you are vacationing with; whether it’s just you and your spouse or you choose to make a team effort out of it and take the kids along, getting out in nature is safe and extremely therapeutic.

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RV Resort in Florida: A Lover’s First Vacation

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Make it a couple’s getaway at an RV resort in Florida. Just you and your love getting away from the computer screens, video conferences, and the constant reminder that half of your face has to be covered anytime you venture out past your property. Wouldn’t it be nice to just forget that 2020 threw a curveball into our lives and just be in a place that allows you to breathe? Sure, the RV resort in Florida will have their own protocols, but you won’t find it as restricting as if you were in the city trying to take a second honeymoon.

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Imagine cuddling up in your own little cottage with nothing but the quiet earth to stir you awake. No alarm clocks, tweets, or notifications to check a barrage of endless emails. An RV resort in Florida makes for a romantic getaway for sure, without having to do hours of travel planning (no one has time for that!). You don’t have to love camping to come to a place like this. Stay cozied up inside all day long if you like. The scenery from your kitchen window is serene enough to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your mind and heart. It’s a lover’s quiet hideaway if you ask us!

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Eventually, however, you may want to venture out, since, for months, you were already sheltering in place. It’s time to see what you can do around an RV resort in Florida when you still want to feel “free” to breathe. Adventures await you in the neighboring towns near the RV resort in Florida, Live Oak Landing. From neighboring beaches to state parks for some robust hiking, it’s an easy vacation decision to make, isn’t it? You’re outside, breathing, living, exercising, and loving on some quiet moments with only your significant other.

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Did we mention boating? If you’re going to an RV resort in Florida, you’ve got to go boating and get on the water! Take Live Oak Landing’s pontoon boat out for a spin; it’s available as an all-day rental so you can go explore the channels of mixed fresh and saltwater all around the RV resort. Nothing feels as freeing and thrilling as being on the water going wherever the moment takes you; especially if it’s into the sunset.

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Yes, the cottages are lovely and cozy and give you a sense of home away from home. However, don’t forget, you’re supposed to be on vacation! Kick back the sheets and get yourself out there and out of the restriction rut that’s been holding us all back for far too long. Exploring beyond the bedroom gives you more time to experience beautiful intimate moments that you and your love will only experience together.

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It’s Florida gems like these that make vacationing at an RV resort in Florida so very worth it. Natural springs recycling over 70 million gallons of water a day to bring you fresh, crystal clear, pure water from a natural aquifer. Though the water is a bit frigid, the experience of this mini oasis is breath-taking. Dive deep or stay on the surface, whatever you fancy, don’t pass up these popular (yet somewhat hidden) destination jewels. A priceless experience at one of them is just the beginning.

Making the RV Resort in Florida Family Friendly

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Remember when we mentioned the pool? Well, that’s certainly a must if you are taking the kids to an RV resort in Florida! Not only will they feel like mini kings and queens at the pool (because no one is there and they pretty much own the place), it’s incredibly safe and comfortable to sit poolside or to stay at your cottage or RV while having a direct line of sight to the kids (if they are older of course).

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Just like you were cooped up and sheltering in place, those kids need to romp and play and the backyard just won’t cut it. One of the best things an RV resort in Florida has to offer is plenty of room for the kids. You have the pool, a mini-park, walking trails, boating, canoeing, and exploring those natural springs with you as well.

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Kids need to destress as well, COVID isn’t easy for them either. So if it’s not just you, the RV resort in Florida is definitely accommodating to families as well.

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Live Oak Landing is one of those places that invites you to remove yourself from the everyday chaos that isn’t conducive to your well-being. It’s a beautiful place to explore as a couple who needs to reconnect and rediscover their love. It’s an exploratory venture for families who want a semblance of “normal” when they go on vacation. The RV resort in Florida is just the beginning. The world is opening up again, even if ever so slowly. Until then, breathe deep and get outside for your next vacation at an RV resort in Florida.


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Rv Resort In Florida: Your Own Little Cottage Getaway At Live Oak Landing
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