5 Awesome Advantages of Booking A Vacation To Go

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We all do dinner to go and shopping to-go orders have even become more and more popular. What about a vacation to go? Have you ever booked a vacation where once you pushed the purchase button, every bit of your trip was taken care of, and all you had to do was arrive? If not, why not? Who does not love throwing everything into your online shopping cart and hitting purchase? If you have never considered a vacation to go, here are five reasons you should try it for your next trip.

1. Convenience

Most people choose one option over another for the pure convenience of it. Well, that logic should also apply when you are booking your vacation. A vacation to go lets you book everything at the same time, which is so much more convenient than searching out different activities and dining options on dozens of different websites and with dozens of different companies and venues.


In some instances, like if you book with an all-inclusive resort or a cruise, your vacation will be mostly contained within the resort or on the boat, while also potentially including excursions that are handled through the resort or cruise line. If you are booking a Disney vacation, your vacation is spread among a hotel or resort, multiple parks, and hundreds of dining options, but it’s still all contained within the world of Disney, which all seamlessly works together.

Even if your vacation to go is through a tour group while you vacation and tour through someplace amazing like Italy, everything from where you sleep and eat, to your modes of travel and the activities you do are handled through the tour company. 

So, not only is it convenient to book a vacation to go, but it is also convenient when it is time to vacation. Everything is taken care of. Your travel, dining, activities, and all sorts of things can already be decided and ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and not make any decisions!

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2. Time Saver

When you book a vacation to go, you save so much time. Rather than scouring websites and booking multiple meals, different travel accommodations, and activities through all sorts of websites — or having to make calls and book things when they can’t be booked online — you go to one place and book everything.

More often than not, you are given a number of options to choose from, too. You would have to go through a lengthy search online to find so many options individually.


When you book things individually, you have to do tons of research. You have to find restaurants and activities. Then you have to do some research on which places are good and which are not. You have to look up the costs. Then you have to separately book everything one by one. It is time-consuming and exhausting.

A vacation to go means a handful of clicks, and a few decisions later, your vacation to go is ready! That means more time to shop for a new bathing suit or pack way more than you need!

3. Good Value

A vacation to go is usually the best option economically. Because you are booking your vacation as a package, you are more often given a better deal than booking each component separately.

Cruise lines, resorts, and tour companies all give good deals on these sorts of packages because they are guaranteed bookings for them. They are guaranteed you as a guest (and a sizable chunk of your money) and, in turn, you are guaranteed a great value for your money and an awesome vacation full of things you will enjoy. 

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They often give family deals because you are booking vacations for multiple people at once. That is a win-win situation for the resort or vacation company.

A vacation to go is especially cost-effective when traveling to an area that tends to be expensive. In that case, it is worth finding a hotel that boasts lots of on-site facilities, restaurants, activities, and kids clubs because that will prove exceedingly more cost-effective than booking accommodations, activities, and dining separately.

Booking a vacation to go can also help you stick to a budget. Once your trip is booked, most of your expenses are taken care of. You’ll likely tip someone who helps you carry your bags or buy a few drinks or some souvenirs, but unless you decide to add an excursion or activity after the fact, your vacation is paid for rather than paying as you go like on a typical vacation.

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4. Less Stress


A vacation to go situation makes vacationing so much easier and less stressful. Once everything is booked, there is nothing for you to stress about. You do not have to worry about finding dining options or how you are going to get to the snorkeling activity you booked for day three of your trip. All of that is handled by the resort, tour group, or cruise line. All you have to do is show up for your vacation and relax. All the nitty-gritty details are someone else’s problem. 

5. Fancy Options


A vacation to go package through an all-inclusive resort or cruise often includes incredible luxury options like amazing suites and fine dining. Sometimes the destination itself can be the luxurious part. Even luxury resorts in amazing destinations offer package deals that will save you time, stress, and money. Sometimes it may seem impossible to take a luxurious vacation to somewhere like the Canary Islands or Indonesia or somewhere else fabulous. You may be surprised to know that you can find amazing vacation to go options in even the most luxurious locations.

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A vacation to go may not be the kind of vacation you book every time you are ready for a getaway. It also does not give you the flexibility you get with a vacation where you figure things out as you go. You may not have as much of a chance to explore or wander, or the flexibility to eat when and where you want, but it does offer you a lot of advantages like more relaxation and good value for the money.

Booking a vacation to go is definitely something you should try at least once. And who knows, it may become your go-to vacation experience. 


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