Professional Vacation Photos and Why You’ll Love Them for Every Trip

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Planning your next vacation calls for finding all the perfect spots for your vacation photos! Whether you’re roaming around Europe or flying across the world to see the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan, there are so many photo opportunities! But getting everybody in the photo is easier said than done.

Hiring a professional photographer to take a few of your vacation photos can make the biggest difference when you travel. While you’ll likely have multiple SD cards full of your own personal photos, a professional photographer can help you relive this experience in a whole new way. No more entrusting your expensive camera in the hands of strangers just to get a photo of your entire group. Now you’ll have someone there just to document your vacation and the incredible time you are having.

Let’s Talk about Some of the Perks of Professional Vacation Photos


You Get to Relax and Enjoy the Experience 

When you’re so busy trying to take your own vacation photos, you’re not truly immersed in the experience of your travel. You’re likely spending most of your time making sure you and the kids remember these incredible moments. You’re likely running around the beach like a crazy person making sure that every one of your family members has a photo of themselves from the trip. And when you hand someone else a camera to grab a photo of all of you, it distracts you from the moment and makes everyone break away from the experience. The group photo ends up looking staged and dull, not reminding you of your fun vacation at all.

Imagine being able to see yourself and the family enjoy a moment that you’ve been looking forward to your whole life, without worrying about grabbing your phone to document it. You’ll be able to truly immerse yourself in your travels and know that you’ll be able to relive that time over and over again. While you may still want to take your own vacation photos, you won’t be tempted every second of your trip to pull out your phone and camera.

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High-Quality Photos of Your Forever Memories


Let’s face it, half our vacation photos are blurs or have a million distractions in the background. We’re not professionals, and that’s okay! Those photos will still mean the world to you. But hiring a professional photographer to take your vacation photos ensures that you’ll receive high-quality photos from a professional.

You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect light or making sure everyone is smiling. If the location you’ve chosen is packed full of tourists, you won’t have to worry about navigating through the huge crowd to make sure everyone is in the shot. You’ll have a professional there to ensure that your vacation photos are of the utmost quality and flattering angles. Don’t trust your toddler in getting a photo of you and your spouse, instead trust a professional.

Incredible Photos on your Wall and Holiday Cards


Looking to step up the decor in your home? You’ll have high-quality vacation photos to do just that! Imagine a huge canvas or frame on your wall of you galloping at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Would you rather see that canvas featuring a cell phone photo or a high-quality one that a professional photographer took? 

You can also use these photos for your holiday cards! Celebrate with your loved ones by showing off the places you’ve been this year and it’ll be sure to be one that they keep on their fridge forever. 

Discover a Destination You’ve Never Seen


Sure, you’re likely to book a tour to see some of the top destinations on your vacation, but you’re also bound to be there with a ton of other people seeing the same thing. Taking epic vacation photos while in a popular destination can be a bit troublesome, especially when you’re trying to get more than one person in the shot.

This is one of the biggest perks of hiring a professional photographer for your vacation photos. If you hire a local photographer (which we always suggest supporting local), they’re likely to know spots that you couldn’t have imagined! While you may start at a certain location that is important to you, the photographer may know of a spot close by that has a better vantage point or one that with far fewer tourists.

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How to Find a Photographer for your Vacation Photos

Finding a local photographer when you’re not living in your dream destination can seem a bit daunting. You can’t go by word of mouth because you may not know anyone in the area. Luckily we live in a digital age where finding a photographer for every need is easy!



A simple Google search can do wonders when looking for a photographer. Typing in the location of your destination and photographer will bring up a huge list. You can go through their websites and narrow down your selections based on several things! If you find a photographer whose style you vibe with and is in the area, head over to their bio page to get to know them a bit more. You’ll be spending a good portion of your vacation with this person, so you want to make sure that you click with them from the get-go!

Facebook and Instagram

Social media is not only going to be your best friend when posting your vacation photos, but it can be a useful tool when finding a photographer. When searching for a local photographer on Instagram, use the hashtag feature and plug in a few options (ex. #daytonabeachphotographer, #daytonabeachfamilyphotographer, #daytonavacation). This search will not only bring up multiple photographers in that area, but it’ll also bring up anybody else who has hired a local photographer. You can find their website, bio, and recent work all on their feeds! With Facebook, you can narrow down your search to a specific city and have an abundance of options to choose from. This makes website searches a bit easier.

Travel Groups

Planning on vacationing somewhere you’ve never been before? Hop over to Facebook and search for travel groups that have been to that spot before. By asking other tourists who they have hired to take their vacation photos, you can get a better understanding of how those photographers work.

There are so many perks to hiring a professional to take your vacation photos. The ability to truly immerse yourself in your vacation is the top priority, and when you’re not having to worry about documenting every moment, your experience will be that much better. Plan ahead of time and relax when you get there, knowing that you’ll remember every moment spent on vacation in detail.


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Photo Credits: Andy Vox | Lauren Benson Photography





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