The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

When you have a baby, you are going to be tired.  Would you rather be tired at home or in a new and exciting place?  For many people, travel releases endorphins which are known to affect our moods.  Many people are afraid to travel because of disruptions to a baby’s routine, but you will find that babies are very adaptable.  Babies also have an uncanny ability to sleep anywhere, so take advantage of this while you can! You should also take advantage of the fact that babies under the age of two can fly free on most airlines if they sit on your lap.  

The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

So, where exactly are the best places to travel with a baby?  Everywhere! Babies require gear to get around, but as long as you just have one baby and no other children, you need to go before they are truly mobile.  That is when determining where to go takes a little more research. That being said, there are places that are easier to travel than others and we have outlined a few below.

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Best Places To Travel With A Baby:  Factors To Consider

Before we actually start talking about places to go, let’s talk about what factors you should consider when planning a trip with a baby.

Baby Facilities

Do the hotels offer baby cots?  Of course, you can pack your own, but that is a lot to lug around if you are flying to a destination.

The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

Are there changing tables in public spaces?  Nowhere provides this amenity more than the United States.  If traveling outside of the country, make sure to be prepared for not having this amenity easily accessible and pack a changing mat that you can lay on a bench or on the grass.

The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

Will it be easy to buy diapers, formula, etc. there?  The brands will likely be different, so if you are committed to your brand, pack more than you think you will need.  The silver lining to packing all of this is that you will have plenty of room for souvenirs on your way home.  


The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

In many places, it is easiest to rent a car and drive so that you can use your own car seat and stroller travel system.  Airlines let you bring this gear for free. Other than private transportation, renting a car really is the easiest way to travel with babies.  Imagine climbing up and down train station stairs with a stroller and baby or getting on and off buses with a baby in tow. It is like being at home when you rent a car except instead of driving your baby to the grocery store, you are driving her to an exciting new destination every few days.

Health Care

Always ensure you are traveling to destinations with adequate health care in case something goes wrong while traveling. You really should buy travel insurance any time you travel, but especially when you are traveling with children.  Hospitals in some countries will not start life-saving procedures until you can guarantee the bill by proving that funds are available to you, but travel insurance will take care of this for you so the focus can be on whoever needs medical attention.

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If you carry your baby everywhere, this is not as big of a concern.   However, if you push your baby in a stroller everywhere, can you imagine making your way up the steep stairs of the Cinque Terre?

The Best Places To Travel With A Baby


Make sure you consider the weather of your destination and season when traveling with a baby.  Weather can be complicated with babies. Traveling when it is too hot or too cold may not agree with your little one. If traveling to a cold destination, consider all of the extra clothing and blankets needed to pack with all of the items you already need to bring when traveling with a baby.

The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

Best Places To Travel With A Baby:  Destinations


The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

Denmark is often voted one of the most desirable places to live in the world.  That translates into a place that is clean with many facilities for mothers and babies.  Legos were engineered in Denmark in 1932 so what better place to visit a Lego store than Copenhagen.  This visually stimulating store will capture your baby’s imagination, as will the shopping streets surrounding the store.  The Copenhagen City Pass allows parents to enter many places on their own schedule without keeping up with a tour. A lovely activity is the included boat ride.  Tivoli Park is the second oldest amusement park in the world and is a very manageable size. At Tivoli Park, you only have to pay for the rides you want to ride. If your baby is too small for any of the rides, they will still enjoy the lights and activity of the park.  There is plenty of green space in Tivoli Park where your baby can crawl or walk.

The Best Places To Travel With A Baby
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The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

The core of London is actually easily walkable with a stroller, but a fun option is a hop on hop off bus as long as your stroller can quickly fold and unfold when you board and depart the bus.  The top of the buses is open-air which is nice as long as your baby allows you to put her in your lap. As soon as baby starts getting cranky you can depart at the next stop until baby can be soothed.  There are many beautiful parks throughout London which is always good for traveling with wee ones. Giving babies their independence to be free of mom and dad’s grasp during a trip will help alleviate tears while traveling.  Babies could be entertained for hours in Hamley’s Toy Store where employees show off how to play with toys in energetic and entertaining ways.


The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

If your baby does well in the car for long periods of time, consider taking a trip to Iceland.  You can bring the baby’s car seat along and rent a car to discover this island nation at your own pace.  If you are a hiker that wears your baby in a carrier, you will have more options for activities, but even if not, there is plenty of natural beauty to be discovered by car.  There are long stretches of road between places, but when your baby gets cranky on the road, just stop the car for a break and take in the beauty that is Iceland.

The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

Tulum – Mexico

The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

Mexico is such an easy destination for Americans. It is a short flight from most of the United States which makes it a perfect place to travel with a baby.  While beaches may not be a good idea for crawling babies and those still with a tendency to put items in their mouths, many resorts have baby-friendly pools and splash pads for entertaining wee ones.  What is nice about Tulum is that you do not need to feel trapped at an all-inclusive resort. You can stay at the beach, yet travel into the town each day for meals and shopping. The ruins of Tulum would also be an easy place to visit wearing your baby in a carrier.  The paths around the ruins are very flat and a baby who is walking would be able to roam while holding mom or dad’s hand. Freshwater cenotes in this area would also be a nice break from the heat if you pack your baby’s life jacket.


The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

You will be hard-pressed to find a country that is more welcoming to children than Italy.  The Italians light up when they see children and will wait on you hand and foot to ensure you and your baby have a good experience.  Most restaurants have high chairs which makes the logistics of eating out much easier. If your baby gets fussy during the meal, you may find that your waitress or friendly chef also acts as a babysitter during your meal.  

Plan to visit during the offseason so that the temps are cooler which will make traveling with a baby more tolerable.  Many areas of Italy are quite hilly, so you will need to plan to carry your baby instead of using a stroller in many of the places you visit.  Rome, Tuscany, Venice, Cinque Terre, Almalfi Coast, and Lake Como can all be visited with a baby, narrowing down where to go is harder than travel with a baby to Italy!

You will undoubtedly have to slow down when you travel with a baby, but that is okay.  You will also need to be more flexible when you travel with a baby. Sometimes you will realize that something on your to-do list is simply not possible with a baby in tow.  However, that is the norm in your daily life at home, so you might as well be out in the world experiencing it. Children who travel early in life will be better travelers as they grow, understanding the need for flexibility and experiencing things outside their comfort zone. 


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The Best Places To Travel With A Baby

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