10 Best Locations For Your Dream Holiday Home

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Real estate is one of the best investments you can make to increase your wealth over time. Financial advisors often suggest real estate as a great way to diversify your portfolio, but you and your family can also enjoy your real estate purchase. Buying a vacation or holiday home can be very exciting and makes a fantastic long-term investment. However, with so many locations to choose from, selecting the site of your holiday home can be a daunting task. In this guide, the best dream home locations are discussed, looking at the best features each place has to offer!

Golden Oak, Orlando, Florida

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Disney has its own residential home community called Golden Oak, located in the Bay Lake area southeast of Magic Kingdom, right on Disney World property! Guests who have driven from Disney resorts to the theme parks have probably seen signs for this exclusive private property while on the road.

Golden Oak is where you’re one of Disney’s elite customers, enjoying the Disney magic 24/7 in your very own home right on Disney property. Disney Imagineers designed this entire residential community! Disney employees known as Imagineers constructed this beautiful neighborhood. Some fortunate one-percenters can claim that they own a permanent or holiday home in this upscale area.

You’re almost certainly wondering about finances when looking at living in such an exclusive community. Well, you’ll feel the pinch when you see the prices here! The housing at Golden Oak starts at $1.6 million and up. Disney initially planned to build 450 homes in this new community. Despite rampant demand, the company gradually reduced its plans. The massive Golden Oak area spans 980 acres. The Golden Oak neighborhood is almost twice the size of Magic Kingdom (107acres), Hollywood Studios (135 acres), and Epcot is (300 acres) combined!

Insider Tip: Golden Oak residents enjoy many Disney World discounts such as dining, shopping, and event tickets.

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Lake Nona, Florida

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Lake Nona is an upscale neighborhood in Orlando, Florida, with a population of 1,062. Located in Orange County, Lake Nona is one of the best-planned cities ever built in Florida. Living in Lake Nona offers residents a friendly suburban feel with modern amenities, and most residents own their homes. Many families and young professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, etc., reside in Lake Nona, with homes ranging from $400,000 to a whopping $10 million. The public schools in Lake Nona are above average, and the Medical School campus of the University of Central Florida is also located in this neighborhood. This is an excellent location for a permanent or holiday home!

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“Medical City” is the name of a world-class medical center in Lake Nona. The close group of science and medical buildings will inspire and accelerate innovative ideas. Medical City has become a world-renowned center for medical innovators, as it attracts some of the most prestigious hospitals, research centers, and universities worldwide.  Lake Nona Medical City is home to the following medical facilities:

  • University of Central Florida Health Sciences Campus
  • VA Medical Center
  • Nemours Children’s Hospital
  • University of Florida Academic & Research Center
  • MD Anderson Orlando Cancer Research Institute

Phoenix, Arizona

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The Phoenix real estate market is the perfect location; if your looking for your own holiday home or a rental/Airbnb investment property, you are bound to make a good investment in this location. The second booming industry in the city is tourism and sports. Thus, tourism drives the Phoenix real estate market. 

It’s one of the few cities in the US with franchises in all four major professional sports leagues. Sports enthusiasts from all over the country attend games held in the city’s numerous sports venues. People travel around the globe to enjoy the warm weather and six picturesque lakes. The median house price is $235,000.

Insider Tip: Besides the sports factor, rental investments enjoy high occupancy rates because of the various recreational activities, arts, culture, dining, etc.

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The Hamptons, New York

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The Hamptons is a part of Long Island, and includes a group of villages in Southampton, East Hampton, and Montauk, which formed the South Fork of Long Island, in Suffolk County, New York. The Hamptons is a popular getaway for many city dwellers. This seaside resort includes Cooper’s Beach, Shinnecock Golf Club, and the Hampton horseshow. The Hamptons area is linked with many celebrity sightings.

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Visitors of different ages and tax brackets come to the East End to spend time in the expensive areas such as Sagaponack and Water Mill. Many find their holiday home in more affordable regions like Montauk, Hampton Bays, and Westhampton. These sites enjoy great ocean breezes, white sandy beaches, delicious seafood, lively parties, and the South Fork’s country atmosphere. The average home prices range from $690,000 to a whopping $15 million.

Insider Tip: Many of the rich and famous spend their summers on spacious holiday home estates along the Atlantic Ocean.

Maunawili, Hawaii

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Maunawili is one of the best places to live in Hawaii. Oahu, Maunawili has a community home that houses 2,149 people. Bordering Kawainui Marsh and Kailua Beach Park, access to the great outdoors isn’t in short supply here in Maunawili. Although there’s a coastal vibe going on in Maunawili, it’s a suburban area.

Property prices are high; the median home value is $914,400. Most of the homes in Maunawili are modern and spacious. These homes come with their own private swimming pools, tennis courts, and beautiful gardens. This is an excellent location for a permanent or holiday home.

Vancouver, British Columbia

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Vancouver is the most populous city located in British Columbia. There is always something to do in this cosmopolitan hub. You should unquestionably make a move to Vancouver if you love the perfect mix of big city life and nature. British Columbia is recognized for its natural beauty and beautiful hiking trails. Some of the most well-known hikes include Grouse Grind, Quarry Rock, Lighthouse Park, and The Chief. Plus, Stanley Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America, right at the doorstep of your holiday home in Vancouver.

There are three ski mountains near Vancouver: Cypress, Seymour, and Grouse. Cypress is the most popular destination for snowboarders. Whistler’s two mountains are also less than a two-hour drive away.

When you live in Vancouver, you can access numerous beaches (Whiterock Beach) and walking trails. Downtown has many luxury apartments with everything you want at your doorstep. Of course, if you have a family, then it’s likely you’d prefer something a little more rural, and you will begin to see how broad your choice is when you’re looking for a holiday home. The city’s areas are uniformly well maintained, and while some are more expensive than others, even the most affordable are safe and pleasant. Attached homes, condos, and apartments are priced under $700,000. 

Insider Tip: Vancouver enjoys a moderate climate thanks to the Pacific Ocean nearby. July has an average high of 64°F (18°C). January is the coldest month, with an average high of 39°F (4°C).

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Grand Prarie, Alberta

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Grande Prairie is a small city in northwest Alberta, within the southern portion of an area known as Peace River Country. Grande Prairie acts as a provincial center, serving an additional 281,000+ people from across Northern Alberta, Northern British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories. It is the largest commercial center north of Edmonton. Grande Prairie’s economy is based on oil and gas, forestry, agriculture, and retail. This diversity provides an excellent opportunity for people across a variety of industries. 

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In the community, there is an endless possibility for residents to get involved and connected! There are numerous parks and trails for sport and recreation fans to explore all across the city and several recreational facilities such as the Eastlink Centre. Grande Prairie has an extensive art community culture with venues such as the Centre for Creative Arts, Montrose Cultural Centre, and the beautiful Grande Prairie Live Theatre. The city has many cultural and neighborhood associations for residents to join! The average home price for a two-bedroom detached home is $299,000, which is a great price for a holiday home.

Insider Tip: Alberta is the only province in Canada without a provincial sales tax.

Muskoka, Ontario

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Located in northern Ontario, just two hours north of Toronto is Muskoka. This popular lakeside holiday destination is one of the best places to visit in Canada because of the abundance of activities and water sports. Muskoka caters to it all, from adventure to luxury accommodations with a unique cottage atmosphere drawing visitors from Toronto and the world to its shores. Due to its popularity and proximity to Toronto, owning a holiday home in Muskoka comes with a hefty price tag. To purchase a two-bedroom cottage in Muskoka, expect to pay around $305,000.

Insider Tip: With Toronto having the closest Canadian international airport to the UK, Muskoka is a natural holiday home destination for travelers looking for a Canadian escape.

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Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

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The number one island, Cape Breton, is a popular holiday home destination to visit in Canada. This island is known for its fantastic hiking, sightseeing, and whale watching. Cape Breton attracts a varied crowd, from savvy golf retirees to outdoor enthusiasts and culture buffs. Cape Breton’s holiday home prices are more affordable than other locations in Canada. To get an ocean view, expect to pay $122,000 for a two-bedroom cottage or holiday home.

Insider Tip: The most eastern Canadian holiday home destination, Cape Breton, is only five time zones away from the UK.

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Quebec City, Quebec

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Vibrant Quebec City is located in the heart of French Canada, situated on the beautiful St. Lawrence River in Eastern Canada. One of Canada’s oldest cities, Quebec City, boasts colonial streetscapes, diverse dining, and rich French culture. The Old-Quebec downtown area is full of history and one of North America’s oldest and most fascinating places. If you love French architecture and are looking for a holiday home, Quebec City is the place for you. Expect to pay $74,000 to purchase a two-bedroom holiday apartment in Quebec City, which is much more affordable than most Canadian cities.

Your dream of a holiday home can become a reality with some good research and hard work! With so many wonderful locations to choose from above, you can rest assured that your family will make beautiful memories in your home away from home. With the right location, your holiday home can also be a fantastic long-term investment that will pay dividends in the future.


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