10 Of The Best Timeshares For Your Family’s Enjoyment

10 Best Timeshares For Your Family’s Enjoyment

Timeshares can give you the opportunity to make some of the best lifelong memories, with spacious accommodations, as well as perks and savings the entire family can enjoy! However, the process can be difficult, as there are so many timeshares to choose from! This guide will help you discover the best timeshares so you can pick the right one for your family.

Disney Vacation Club


With plenty of family-friendly activities, Disney Vacation Club (DVC) certainly is a great option for timeshares worldwide. People of all ages enjoy the perks that come from being a member of the Disney Vacation Club, one of the most magical timeshares available! Members get preferential access to Disney resorts and amenities. Disney resort memberships include opportunities to stay at resorts located around the world through the “world collection.”

10 Best Timeshares For Your Family’s Enjoyment

Disney Vacation Club owners are loyal and love everything Disney. Take advantage of DVC points to book at their many incredible properties in Florida, South Carolina, Hawaii, and California. Members are lucky to have additional membership perks, like extra magic hours, dining discounts, annual pass discounts, and even merchandise discounts. People adore this timeshare program so much, that several Disney resorts are sold out of ownership through DVC. However, you can still find resales on the secondary market, and Disney is building new resorts with offerings through DVC for timeshare purchases.

Hilton Grand Vacations


The Hilton collection of timeshares spans the world and is made up of condominium-style accommodations. This vacation club offers perks through their partners with options such as cruises, RVs, luxury houseboat journeys, and even motorcycle excursions. Hilton Grand Vacation’s point-based memberships and flexibility make it easier than ever to travel to their numerous locations worldwide and stay in their luxurious suites.

All members are automatically registered in their HHonors program for free perks during their vacations. Several partnered resorts worldwide allow you to travel even further, and allowing your family or friends to use your timeshare points is extremely simple!

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Hyatt Residence Club


The Hyatt Residence Club allows you to invest in timeshares with locations throughout the U.S. The World of Hyatt rewards program will permit owners to earn points from qualifying hotels or resorts in Hyatt’s extensive portfolio.

Members of the Hyatt can earn a free night at qualifying resorts or get suite upgrades with four different benefits for each level. The program is like a fractional ownership scheme; members can trade their home resort for a resort of their choice, giving people much more flexibility.

Insider Tip: You can also exchange your points from your timeshares for Interval International Cruises.

Marriott Vacation Club


The Marriot Vacation Club is a real estate ownership program that runs on a point-based system to offer you access to various vacation options. Included in these spectacular timeshares are stays at hotels and resorts, and even some adventure travel options, with locations worldwide.

Marriott announced the Starwood Preferred Guests’ acquisition in 2016, but the investment wasn’t fully complete until September 2018. This merger created over 2 million members, making it one of the world’s most powerful and dynamic vacation ownership programs. Today, Marriott has over 200 resorts under its management and a network of over 3,200 resorts in more than 80 countries. 

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Insider Tip: Owners have transitioned their timeshare points over to the new owner system, which lets previous Starwood owners enjoy all of the same perks as they would on similar Marriott timeshares.

Club Wyndham


Wyndham Vacation Resorts offers numerous resort timeshares across the United States and in the Caribbean. It currently offers more than 900,000 families point-based vacation products that can be used at over 190 locations.

Wyndham Worldwide decided to separate into Wyndham Hotel Group and Wyndham Destinations in 2017. This allows more focus on providing the best services for its guests and timeshare owners. This transition hasn’t changed the owners’ existing benefits but has helped expand their timeshares portfolio to more than 4,000 resorts in 110 countries.

Four Seasons Residence Clubs


The Four Seasons Residence Club gives you access to a range of villas at your chosen destination, all set within four seasons of vacation resorts. More information about some of these gorgeous timeshares and locations follow.


Located in the breathtaking surroundings of Southern California, with year-round sunshine and beautiful views of the Batiquitos Lagoon, this area features Spanish Colonial-style villas.


These modern island hideaways blend into Costa Rica’s natural beauty and provide privacy and spacious accommodations surrounded by tropical forests.


Punta Mita offers seclusion in a natural setting, a stunning beach hideaway set along 15 miles of pristine Pacific shoreline. Its resort residences are inspired by local Mexican architecture and culture.

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The Four Seasons Residence Club is more similar to fractional ownership than most timeshares, as you must select your destination when you join. Still, you can exchange your points for other destinations, which makes this timeshare ideal for young families.

Diamond Resorts


Working on a point system, Diamond Resorts offers “a lifetime of vacation opportunities.” With destinations worldwide and access to cruises, membership in this club will provide your family with various fun and entertainment options, like safaris, learning foreign countries’ cultures, and beach activities.

Enjoy all the flexibility with vacation ownership through Diamond Resorts. The Club and the DRI Collection/Trust Points offer those looking for point-based ownership or you can stick with the common Diamond deeded timeshare. It’s designed for those who want to vacation at their favorite home resort year after year.

Insider Tip: The Club’s flexibility allows owners to exchange with countless amazing Diamond Resorts in their portfolio and offers the ability to purchase an Interval International membership, which opens up traveling possibilities.

Ritz-Carlton Destination Club


Ritz-Carlton’s vacation club brings new luxury offerings to timeshares. Through their club, people have access to properties in the U.S. and the Caribbean. Members choose from fractional ownership or vacation club membership. All the properties found throughout America are considered five-star experiences. Ritz-Carlton Destination Club includes St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Aspen, San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe.

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Ritz-Carlton club members’ investments can be transferred to the owner’s children. Another perk is that owners have access to over 500 locations in the Marriott suites.

Insider Tip: Ownership offers an equity-based points program that provides flexible and personalized vacations.

Shell Vacations Club


The Shell Vacations Club is based in North America and gives access to 24 locations as part of their timeshares. The Club offers members flexibility and leisure-travel opportunities, not to mention exciting opportunities like skiing, golfing, cruises, safaris, and amusement parks.

Shell Vacations has more than 40 years of hospitality and service, and members can enjoy leisure, adventure, or specialty travel at an affordable price, compared to other timeshares. Shell Vacations Club ownership provides various locations and accommodations to choose from and meets the needs of many travelers. It gives a “home away from home” atmosphere, featuring spaces with large kitchens, access to the beach, or one-bedroom suites with breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains.

Shell Vacations Club members have access to vacation ownership resorts and properties in metropolitan areas, small mountain villages, and seaside resorts. From the glitz & glamour of Las Vegas to the stunning mountains of Whistler, members have many vacation choices and options available right at their fingertips. Shell Vacations Club opens the door to the best dream vacations year after year.

Bluegreen Vacation Club


Bluegreen Corporation offers timeshares at vacation resorts throughout America, Aruba, and the Bahamas. It serves more than 175,000 owners in 60 locations. Users can also exchange timeshares with other in-network resorts. Bluegreen Vacations undeniably has you covered, from your grand outdoor adventures in the Smoky Mountains to Orlando’s best theme park excursions.

Bluegreen is a point-based vacation club, so owners get a lot of choice and flexibility. Vacation at their Lighthouse Collection, Cityscape Collection, Amusement Collection, Heritage Collection, and the Great Outdoors Collection. These magnificent resorts have everything from quiet cabins to luxury beach resorts, making it possible to get the best of all worlds.

Insider Tip: The partnership with Bass Pro Shops really identifies Bluegreen Vacation Club as your calling for outdoor adventure.

Providing the finest in location, design, and meticulous attention to detail, flexibility, and freedom remain the cornerstone of the timeshare experience. Timeshares provide families a lifestyle rich in service, with luxurious amenities that can lead to a lifetime of memories. At the same time, dedicated team members work tirelessly to make sure every moment of your vacation matters. Any of the above timeshares are a thrill to own, and you can’t go wrong adding these to your annual vacation adventures!


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